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After a successful strategy career in UK media, Claire Enders founded Enders Analysis in 1997. Today, Enders Analysis is the leading TMT research company in the UK, with over 170 corporate subscribers. Claire is the top independent analyst of the creative industries, the broadcast economy, content production and exploitation models in the digital age.

Enders Analysis supports a wide range of charities in the UK with which Claire is actively involved, including the NSPCC, and many cultural enterprises. Claire also supports the Scar Face Foundation, The Marie Colvin Network for Female Journalists and the Women’s Equality Party. A Freeman of the City Guild of Entrepreneurs, Claire is on the Advisory Board of Glyndebourne, a Trustee of the Pitt-Rivers Museum in Oxford and a former Trustee of the NSPCC, Glyndebourne and the Natural History Museum Development Trust. Claire is a graduate of Yale and of the London Business School.

Today, Enders Analysis offers its subscribers research generated by a programme covering the major commercial, regulatory and strategic issues in mobile and fixed line telecoms, TV and the Internet, as well as the major content businesses such as music, publishing and advertising. Our focus is on the European markets but we assess all key trends and regulatory issues in our sectors in major markets such as the US or Japan.


Our research is independent, impartial and grounded in analysis. It is not influenced by stock market considerations or corporate finance mandates. We have no interest in acting as advocate and promoter of new technologies or of specific companies and their strategies, unless we believe in them.

We aim for the quality of real understanding that our readers need as they consider investment decisions.

In our view, this provides us with a significant competitive advantage over existing sources of research.

Investment banks may struggle to provide truly objective research because of potential conflicts of interest, while the demands of short term sales and trading desks and the constraints of regulatory compliance limit the scope of their work. Market research firms, industry analysts and even independent consulting firms all face strong pressures to exaggerate the speed of adoption of new technologies and the prospective success of market participants, and assume that capital will be available for speculative schemes. In contrast, Enders Analysis is unconstrained and free to focus on the needs of its clients. We are proud of our record of accurate predictions since 1997.

Claire Enders

Claire Enders is made a Fellow of the Royal Television Society

Enders Analysis also organises and curates the landmark annual Media and Telecoms & Beyond conference for companies and investors in the telecommunications and media sectors.