Research Analyst: Media and Technology Team

We are looking to hire a recent graduate to join our expanding Media and Technology team, which focuses on analysing major companies such as Apple, Google and Facebook as well as traditional media businesses and key strategic questions relating to the future of digital device, media and services markets. Recent reports have covered subjects like the future of digital news, YouTube and its channel strategy, and the prospects for content marketing.

Role and responsibilities

  • Write regular reports for subscribers and contribute to consultancy projects
  •  Maintain and analyse data from a wide range of sources to produce models and forecasts
  • Help develop our capacity to produce analysis on new areas and strategic questions
  • Assess the impact of wider demographic, social, commercial and regulatory changes
  • Present to a range of organisations including media companies and financial institutions
  • Manage individual projects within media and technology, as well as work on larger projects


  • Strong analytical and research abilities, including the ability to identify subjects that will interest our subscribers with a focus on the commercial impact for firms affected
  • A strong proficiency in handling data and using Excel, as well as good mathematical ability
  • Ability to write in a clear and engaging manner, argue compellingly and present data intelligently
  • Ability to work quickly, since many of the subjects we write on are highly time-sensitive
  • Interest in understanding both the consumer and business sides of markets in media and technology
  • A first or upper second class degree from a very good university. Training in mathematics, economics or computer science are valuable, but not a prerequisite
  • Extensive knowledge of media and technology is less necessary than interest in the area, together with the abilities to learn quickly, research a subject autonomously and write incisively