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Financial Times 19 March 2019

Francois Godard was quoted in Financial Times on Battle for future of France’s Le Monde paper. He said “I’m very suspicious of a foreign billionaire trying to get a foothold in the western establishment through the ownership of media, especially through a newspaper such as Le Monde, which sets the tone and agenda of news in France and beyond."

PR Week 15 March 2019

Claire Enders was quoted in PR Week on The battle to reverse WPP's dramatic decline. She said "It has been a hair-raising year for WPP. You cannot underestimate the difficulties in transitioning the company from a founder-manager to a very different management style. Martin hired good people."

Campaign 13 March 2019

Andrew McIntosh was quoted in Campaign on Is the decline in young TV audiences accelerating? He said "Commercial impacts are slipping off Barb’s public radar into less-visible realms: unpublished BVOD impressions are rising fast. While alarming, 16-34 impacts are declining from very high bases. They will reduce further, but we don’t expect an acceleration because unengaged viewing was probably culled first, and quickly. TV is transitioning from omnipresence to prevalence; from mass market to most market. CPTs are rising as a result of lower impacts but TV advertising has been relatively cheap for decades, in fairness. If advertisers value TV (which they should, given its quality environment, cover, simultaneous reach, effectiveness and brand safety), they might need to adjust their budgets. The best solution, as ever, is to follow eyeballs. This means sticking with linear TV, buying it ever better, and using on-demand too."

Les Echos 12 March 2019

Francois Godard was quoted in Les Echos on Telecom Italia: Elliott and Vivendi do not save any more. He said "For the CDP, the question will be who Elliott or Vivendi offers the best exit for its investments in Open Fiber, a broadband network in which it has invested a lot.The advantage is this time at Vivendi. He may suggest that he push for TIM to buy Open Fiber with acceptable financial terms for both parties. Elliott, he may propose to marry Open Fiber to Netco, fixed network TIM he wants from the group, and the initial public offering or offer it to investment groups in unlisted, but c is more uncertain and does not depend on him alone."

talkRadio 4 March 2019

Julian Aquilina appeared on talkRadio to discuss BritBox

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Variety 1 March 2019

Francois Godard was quoted in Variety on International TV Newswire: DAZN Dazzles, but Can It Work? He said “The market for broadcasting top-notch sporting events, which means soccer in Europe, and national leagues, looks like one where the winner takes all, because the winner creates synergies bundling [sports] with entertainment content and sustaining the interest of the whole family,” 

The Economist 1 March 2019

Claire Enders was quoted in The Economist on The BBC’s Netflix rival. She siad “Neither party sees this as a Netflix killer.” 

BBC News 28 February 2019

Tom Harrington was quoted in BBC News on Will the BBC and ITV's BritBox be a hit or a flop? He said "It is unlikely to be more than £5.99 a month. Anything more and people are going to start comparing it to Netflix, it's not going to be anything like Netflix in terms of scale or size." He added there are to be excellent programmes "but these are the sort of things that people expect to get for free as part of their licence fee."

ITV News 27 February 2019

Tom Harrington appeared on ITV News to discuss BritBox

BBC Radio 4 27 February 2019

Gill Hind appeared on BBC Radio 4 to discuss Global radio

BBC Breakfast 27 February 2019

Tom Harrington appeared on BBC Breakfast to discuss ITV and BBC plans to launch BritBox, a service to rival Netflix

Campaign 25 February 2019

Andrew McIntosh was quoted in Campaign on ITV's Carolyn McCall: 'We have got to evolve quickly' He said "McCall has made logical, early moves but played it too safe for our tastes. She needs to ask shareholders for higher investment in content, SVOD and ad tech. The speed of change in consumer viewing behaviour requires a radical shift in priorities for ITV, not just a ‘strategic refresh'."

The Times 25 February 2019

Tom Harrington was quoted in The Times on BBC and ITV to charge for ‘Britflix’ streaming service. He predicted that it would be too late, too small, too reliant on archive shows and too modestly funded to achieve significant success. He asked: “Will households with Netflix and Amazon think they really need a third one?”

The Guardian 19 February 2019

Claire Enders was quoted in the Guardian on Leave to remain? The voters who have changed their minds over Brexit. She said "I’m a telecoms and media strategy analyst. I disagreed with vote leave because I felt it was supported by the Russians and Americans, who were trying to destabilise Europe. The EU has also made progress in bringing about regulatory change of social media companies, which I think do present a pernicious problem for children in our country. I am a fervent SNP supporter. I’ve never been in favour of independence, but I believe in other things the SNP stands for in its manifesto … 62% of people in Scotland voted to remain in the EU."

Les Echos 18 February 2019

Francois Godard was quoted in Les Echos on Telecom Italia: the Italian deposit fund ready to raise the capital. He said  "Who would have the means to buy Netco, the fixed network of TIM? This is worth at least 10 billion euros and there is no private buyer, no public buyer with the means, no more Open Fiber than anyone."

Bloomberg Businessweek 15 February 2019

Claire Enders was quoted in Bloomberg Businessweek on How the Murdoch Children Are Likely to Spend Their Disney Haul. She said “My suspicion is that James is going to be putting all his efforts into becoming one of the world’s leading tech investors. He’s very much into that milieu of super rich, super successful tech investors who care a lot about the environment.”

DIGIDAY 11 February 2019

Francois Godard was quoted in Digiday on EU copyright battle, Google challenges the will of regulators. He said “Relying on Google and digital advertising is leading them up a blind alley; this is cause to wake up. The digital advertising model doesn’t finance journalism. This is just an acceleration of the underlying existing trend.”

The Guardian 11 February 2019

Julian Aquilina was quoted in The Guardian on Is video killing the TV star? VidCon London heralds a YouTube revolution. He said "The under-16s on average spend two and a half hours a day watching some form of TV or video, and YouTube gets 45 minutes of that – a very large proportion for a single channel.”

The Guardian 8 February 2019

Gill Hind was quoted in The Guardian on Is streaming killing the radio star? She said “People are going to music streaming services and we are seeing younger people turning off the radio. But a lot of streaming is taking the place of listening to collections and CDs, not necessarily directly substituting live radio listening. Young people are still tuning in but they are listening for shorter periods each week. There are so many alternative options out there, from YouTube and gaming to Netflix and streaming music.”

The Times 4 February 2019

Julian Aquilina was quoted in The Times on Premier League on the defence, he said “When Facebook tried to buy cricket TV rights in India, it put in a huge bid and everyone thought it was really serious. It didn’t get them, but Facebook would have wanted those rights because that would have driven a huge increase in Indian users to the service. In the UK, Facebook, Netflix and Amazon don’t have this problem.”