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Campaign 18 June 2019

Claire Enders was quoted in Campaign on The Guardian's Katharine Viner and David Pemsel: 'It has been very, very, very tough' She said Pemsel and Viner deserve credit for "correcting many aspects of the previous management’s flawed thinking", particularly around digital advertising and the costly Berliner printing presses, which have been axed. "It’s been a tremendous success story of finding a new business model. Some people refer to it as panhandling but it has great durability and it gives them a great feedback loop from readers."

She added that "The Guardian used to be a paper without global impact" but it has developed a bigger voice by adopting what she calls a "constantly activist stance that is not party political" and is backed by "a very committed stream of supporters."

The Hollywood Reporter 12 June 2019

Francois Godard was quoted in The Hollywood Reporter on A European Union of TV? Broadcasters Team to Take on Netflix and Global Streamers. He said "European broadcasters don't have the resources to compete alone against global players like Netflix. If they don't stick together, Netflix will have them for dinner, one by one," and that there is "No growth there" He added that what European broadcasters really need "is not a European Netflix but a European Hulu; that is, a joint, ad-supported streaming platform."

Financial Times 11 June 2019

Joseph Evans was quoted in the Financial Times on Retail: how bookshops survived the Amazon onslaught. He said "Given the scale of Barnes & Noble, which has more and bigger stores than Waterstones — how applicable is that model." He added that “The impetus is the right one. The threat to [both] is coming from the same place.”

The Telegraph 11 June 2019

Karen Egan was quoted in The Telegraph on Big call for Britain’s cable giant Virgin Media as telecoms merger mania is dialled up again. She said “Virgin Media’s network advantage is becoming difficult to monetise as customers’ appetite for speed appears somewhat sated for now. They face heightened competition from a more aggressive Openreach at full fibre speeds and TalkTalk and Sky at high speed.”

The Guardian 10 June 2019

Claire Enders was quoted in The Guardian on BBC confirms plans to make over-75s pay TV licence fee. She said “It’s a massive hardship for millions of people. The really vulnerable won’t apply for this benefit – the disabled and lone females do not apply for benefits. And that will be true for this as well.”

The Telegraph 7 June 2019

James Barford was quoted in The Telegraph on Time to cut your broadband cable? How mobile phone operators plan to take on the fibre giants with 5G. He said "In built up areas, high 5G demand could also mean a base station on every street." He argued that Offering unlimited data may be unrealistic in the long term for companies too. "That’s fine in year one of your 5G network because it’s not full capacity, but by 2035 we think it will be full again.”

He concluded that “It’s very hard to get away from the essential network economics: Mobile is good for mobile and relatively low capacity. Fixed line works well at home.”

Campaign 5 June 2019

Claire Enders was quoted in Campaign on Online ads to account for 62% of UK adspend in 2020. She said "The online advertising sector would not be immune to the economic headwinds facing Britain and will be regulated just like every other maturing industry has been. But the underlying adaptability of UK businesses and the advertising community will see online advertising through to an even brighter future."

The Telegraph 3 June 2019

Tom Harrington was quoted in The Telegraph on Televise Killing Eve Series 3 simultaneously with US, say fans who have already watched Series 2 illegally. He said  the wait for episodes and potential for piracy would have been weighed up against using the hit drama as a “carrot to get people onto the iPlayer” where it will be uploaded as an entire series box set. “This benefit is much more valuable to the BBC than anything that a traditional weekly release would bring."

Mail Online 3 June 2019

Claire Enders was quoted in Mail Online on Rocky road for ITV as investors switch off: Dividend at risk in war with Netflix and Amazon after shares tumble 34% over the last year. She said "If Britbox is a success, it'll be in three or four years' time. If it's not, it's going to weigh on the company because it hasn't announced any other financial partners." She added that "Making very successful shows is not budging the share price."

Digiday 3 June 2019

Francois Godard was quoted in Digiday on Refinery29 continues European expansion with a lighter footprint. He said “Google and Facebook are grabbing all the growth of online advertising where scale seems to trump anything else. Digital advertisers seem indifferent to context. Competition of ‘influencers,’ who are potent advertising vehicles, is very strong. If you create a French franchise you need a French team, only a small part of your content can be translated.”

Financial Times 29 May 2019

Francois Godard was quoted in the Financial Times on Italy’s Mediaset buys near 10% stake in Germany’s ProSiebenSat. 1 He said "Mediaset’s move was consistent with its message to shareholders that it is in a scale game to sell advertising across borders and have resources to invest in bigger programmes. Italians and Germans don’t like and watch the same programmes. Mediaset is not a producer of quality content with international audiences." He added that media groups in the UK, Europe’s largest advertising market, were unlikely to be targeted by Mediaset, as the British market was “pretty consolidated”. “It would be difficult to see ITV get into a pan-European thing like that,” 

Financial Times 28 May 2019

Claire Enders was quoted in the Financial Times on ITV facing off with BBC over joint streaming service BritBox. Claire Enders believes proposed advertising restrictions on unhealthy foods and pressure on the BBC to waive licence fees for the elderly mean the BBC, along with Channel 4 and Channel 5, are unlikely to pay.

The Telegraph 28 May 2019

Joseph Evans was quoted in The Telegraph on How Spotify's plan to steal Apple's podcasting crown could ignite a new era of 'podcast wars' . Joseph said “I've spoken to independent podcasters who have sizeable listenerships but they can't get sponsors,” he says. “Advertisers pay very little because they don't know who's listening... podcasters want to be able to go to brands and say 'this is our listenership, this is how engaged they are', because if you want to convince advertisers to come on board you need that information.” As it is, he says, even independent creators with large audiences cannot sustain themselves through adverts alone because the advertisers“don't know who's listening”.

Financial Times 22 May 2019

Joseph Evans was quoted in the Financial Times on Amazon leads $575m funding round into food delivery app Deliveroo. He said “Deliveroo has found a way to get things to people very quickly in built-up areas [so] that’s something that Amazon will be interested in. If right now they’re carrying pizzas and burgers, why shouldn’t they deliver books? If Amazon is serious about that market, they’ll put subsidies in. We know that they are willing to operate in a lossmaking business for a long time and their investors are willing to back them.”

Mail Online 22 May 2019

Claire Enders was quoted in the Mail Online on Premier League predicted to see a 20% drop in next UK TV rights deal. She said  "I would confidently predict a 40% decline in Champions League income in the UK rights. The drop in PL auction will be 20% decline. My advice to clubs would be: cut your wage bill."

Digiday 17 May 2019

Alice Pickthall was quoted in Digiday on Readers spend 5 minutes on The Financial Times' luxury title. She said “The FT has been known for its transparency; retaining that trust is crucial. There would be short wins through monetizing in affiliate links, but that doesn’t suit the brand. They are able to maintain a level of trust.”

Financial Times 16 May 2019

Claire Enders was quoted in the Financial Times on Pressure mounts on ITV after Jeremy Kyle show death. She said “Markets may have gotten spooked, but investors and ITV are more concerned about broader issues that the whole industry is facing. Jeremy Kyle is bigger in the Daily Mail than in reality. People are assuming they have lost a bigger star than they actually have.”

Financial Times 15 May 2019

Karen Egan was quoted in the Financial Times on Vodafone faces growth test after cut to dividend. She said "The company has been cutting costs, looking to form network-sharing deals and investing for 5G. But it is still underperforming. The dividend cut is a casualty of that underperformance rather than a solution for it."

The Telegraph 10 May 2019

Alice Enders was quoted in The Telegraph on How blockbuster deals and booming theme parks keep Disney on top. She said “The quality of the slate is really driven by previous acquisitions. Its share of the box office had already risen relentlessly and ... the Fox consolidation has really strengthened its ability to contest the cinema space.”

The Times 10 May 2019

Claire Enders was quoted in The Times on BBC may strip free licences from millions in means test. She said  “It is bound to outrage millions of people that they will be paying for their licence fee. There will be 3.5 million extraordinarily angry people.”