Wall Street Journal

24 October 2018 - 10:20am -- Claire O'Brien
Jamie MacEwan was quoted in the WSJ on plans by Dyson to build electric cars in Singapore, aiming to make its mark on the auto industry in fast-growing Asian markets.  Jamie said “Choosing Singapore over a European approach puts away worries over the impact of Brexit on the automotive supply chain. The only cloud on the horizon is if Dyson is eventually required to open another plant in China with a local partner, as several European car makers have done.”

BBC News

23 October 2018 - 2:15pm -- Claire O'Brien
Gill Hind was quoted by the BBC on the decision by John Lewis to no longer sell DVD players (once stock runs out). Gill said its decision to ditch DVD players was as much about retailers' desire to offer the latest innovations to consumers as the rise of streaming services alone.

Financial Times

19 October 2018 - 10:44am -- Claire O'Brien

Douglas McCabe was quoted in the FT on the decline in print advertising and the effects on Johnston Press. Douglas said “The fundamental problem is not just the decline in print, it’s also that Johnston Press and other local publishers have not been able to generate meaningful revenues online. A lot of the marketing money has not stuck to the local news bundle, as publishers had hoped.”

Financial Times

11 October 2018 - 5:25pm -- Claire O'Brien

Douglas McCabe was quoted in the FT on the sale of Johnston Press. Analysts said strategic buyers would include Reach, formerly known as Trinity Mirror, and Newsquest, which both have large local newspaper portfolios. But the debt may scare off potential bidders. Douglas said “The question is, can they sell the whole portfolio or is there an inevitability about it being broken up?”

The Hollywood Reporter

11 October 2018 - 5:09pm -- Claire O'Brien

Alice Enders was quoted in The Hollywood Reporter on the new regulations that require 30 percent of streaming programming to be of homegrown origin. Alice said "Netflix and Amazon have been investing more in European originals, but originals aren't enough to get you to 30 percent, nowhere near,"

Esports & broadcasters: No game for old players

Drawn by its rapid growth and enviably youthful audience profile, incumbent broadcasters are paying increased attention to esports and its followers

Viewership of esports on UK broadcasters’ linear channels is low, with consumption on their online platforms likely the same. The market’s fragmented nature and global audience, along with the dominance of Twitch—and to a lesser extent YouTube—makes this unlikely to change

BNN Bloomberg

4 October 2018 - 5:00pm -- Claire O'Brien

James Barford was quoted in BNN Bloomberg on BT worries Apple and Amazon will take its customers. James said “Part of the interface has definitely been taken over,” citing the popularity of Apple’s Facetime video calling. “It’s a subtle issue for the operators, but they want to be able to maintain the contact with the customers, and the identity, and the brand, and some differentiation.”  James said he was still skeptical that companies such as Facebook or Google wanted to invest heavily in taking consumer relationships: “How much of an appetite do they have for someone calling them up and wanting to know how to plug their router in?”

European mobile in Q2 2018 - North-South gulf emerges and threatens to widen further

European mobile service revenue growth was sharply lower this quarter dropping to -0.7% after two years in positive territory, owing to weakness in the southern(ish) European markets of France, Italy and Spain

Iliad has strong momentum in Italy and we expect ARPU dilution to worsen into Q3, with the subscriber loss impact also growing.  Any loss of traction for Iliad is likely to drive another round of price cuts

Price is the object: the iPhone and its services

With a carefully priced, strong line-up of iPhones, Apple will consolidate its main revenue line and core user base in the near term

The latter feeds into a services business showing impressive growth, but which is also marked by missed opportunities and mounting negative consequences on the rest of the online ecosystem

For media businesses, Apple’s impact is larger than ever, inevitably leading to new kinds of friction around commercial terms, App store policies and browser features

What Sky means for Comcast

Comcast’s £30.6 billion acquisition of Sky brings to an end the long-running ownership battle since Disney agreed to tender Fox’s 39% stake to Comcast, also ending the Murdoch Family Trust’s interest in Sky

Comcast’s US domestic cable and global NBCU media businesses complement Sky’s European operation. Sky’s telecoms business is likely to expand, while the TV side should benefit from NBCU’s global distribution might, with greater revenues generated by its original content


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