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28 July 2017 - 5:09pm -- Olga De Giovanni

Toby Syfret was quoted in an article on Sky latest plan to launch an OTT service in Spain by the end of the year. Toby said that much will depend on content rights, "it's not something you can easily do overnight". He added that "you can't just switch everything you got on satellite elsewhere into the OTT space, because it all depends on rights clearances. Sky has a big deal with HBO for Sky Atlantic. It can't just translate to new countries. It depends on what other deals HBO has in place there". Furthermore, one analysts suggested France, another top European market, as a future target for Sky, while Toby highlighted that Sky already owns a stake in streaming service Molotov there. Several analyst said that other European market would be a logical focus for Sky given its five core markets are in Europe. But Toby said that the company could even set its sights further away from home. "When you have got companies like Netflix and Amazon going around the world, you can see why Sky, and later Fox assuming its deal for Sky goes through, would be looking to develop these services in other parts of the world".

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28 July 2017 - 10:33am -- Olga De Giovanni

Toby Syfret was quoted in an article on Sky, the pay-TV package from the Murdoch empire in Italy, Germany and especially in the UK, its domestic market, is currently slowly completing its June closed season on subscriber recruitment. Sky has recruited only 35,000 subscribers in the UK in the quarter, compared to 93,000 at the same time last year (280,000 new subscribers in 2016/17). In addition, churn rates climbed to 11.5%, up from 11.2% at the end of June 2016, and even from 9.9% to 12.6% in Germany, while revenue per subscriber stagnated or declined to 47 pounds In the United-Kingdom and at 34 euros. Toby notes that the distribution in satellite clusters is actually in a declining trend across the Channel.

Facebook video: escaping the News Feed

Facebook video consumption - and video ad revenue - is still concentrated on the mobile News Feed, limiting engagement growth and appeal to brand advertisers in the interim period before VR and AR go mainstream 

Features like a dedicated video hub and ad breaks have seen limited deployment, likely as a result of lukewarm user reception, but Instagram Stories holds promise 

To attract long-form viewing Facebook is cautiously investing in original TV content and sports rights, but is late to the game over audiences on connected TVs 


Financial Times

25 July 2017 - 4:47pm -- Olga De Giovanni

Douglas McCabe was quoted in an article on The Guardian plan to create a joint commercial sales operation. The UK newspaper is to press ahead talks to form an unlikely alliance with Rupert Murdoch’s News Corp to sell advertising. The plan, now known as project Arena, was a direct response to the alarming decline in print advertising revenues that has been upending the newspaper business. GMG is one year into a three-year reorganisation to slash costs and reduce heavy losses that had at one stage threatened the future of the organisation. But cash outflows in its past financial year were £67.3m — only slightly down from £72.3m in 2015/16. A total of 300 jobs went in a shake-up across the group, while The Guardian is set to go to a tabloid format from the first quarter of next year, a move that will save the business between £5m and £7m a year in 2018/19. Douglas said that to break even by 2019, the business would have to find a “further £45m of savings over the next two years”.

Channel 4 set for the future: 2016 annual report

2016 has seen Channel 4 break new records in growing revenues and investing in content origination, whilst making further progress in delivering its remit and maintaining audience share for its main channel

However, the second half of 2016 and early months of this year promise a significantly tougher 2017 as the economic and TV advertising climate has worsened and the future is clouded with uncertainties

TalkTalk Group Q1 2017/18 results: Still growing the base

TalkTalk sustained positive broadband net adds in the June quarter, adding 20k to its base, largely driven by reduced churn, which was largely driven by re-contracting a large proportion of existing customers onto its new cheaper bundles

Unfortunately, this had a negative effect on revenue growth, with Group revenue growth (ex-carrier) dropping to -3.2%, as the new cheaper bundle adoption diluted ARPU, but the company remains confident that revenue growth will turn positive for the full financial year as the ARPU dilution effect annualises out


19 July 2017 - 5:40pm -- Olga De Giovanni

Matti Littunen was quoted in an article on Google ‘news feed’ addition to their website and app. A personalised Facebook-style news feed will show users content they may be interested in before they search. It will display news stories, features, videos and music chosen on the basis of previous searches by the same user. Matti said "Google has a strong incentive to make search as useful as possible. Facebook's news feed is one of its main rivals. It is competing with other ways of accessing content. Search ads are more lucrative than in-feed ads such as Facebook's". He added that "Google's business is based on selling advertising, so this gives them more contact points with consumers”. However, the company did not divulge whether it would insert advertisements or sponsored posts into the feed, but Matti suggested that the focus of the service was to make Google more useful and drive users to its other services. Google has a long term project of anticipating user needs. It's a move to make sure people aren't going elsewhere for information".

Les Echos

19 July 2017 - 11:00am -- Olga De Giovanni

Tom Harrington was quoted in an article on Netflix decision to invest more on its own series and films. The firm believes that they are the most profitable futures. Even if this strategy widens its consumption of cash flows even more. Tom said "this is when the service, which targets 30% to 40% of internal production in 2019, compared to 25% today, will have muscled this segment to see the end Of the tunnel from a financial point of view”. Even if this strategy carries its risks "the consumer needs to appreciate".


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