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TF1 - new digital TV offensive

TF1, France’s leading free-to-air (FTA) terrestrial broadcaster, has repositioned its channel assets in order to better exploit rapid growth of digital TV, now taken by 44% of households

  • TF1
Media, TV, Non-UK Media 20 December 2006
Mobile revenue growth - September 2006 quarter

Aggregate mobile service revenue growth remains reasonably strong, at 4% for the latest quarter for the five largest European countries

Mobile, Telecoms, Non-UK Telecoms 14 December 2006
France Télécom takes few risks with naked DSL

Under regulatory pressure, France Télécom introduced in July 2006 a wholesale ‘naked’ DSL offer, under which broadband alone is supplied to the customer, as the lower frequency portion of the line used for PSTN telephony is deactivated

  • France Telecom
Telecoms, Fixed Line, Non-UK Telecoms 12 December 2006
Internet and Telephony Market Statistics Q3 2006

At the end of Q3 2006, the UK had 12.4 million broadband connections and we estimate 45% household broadband penetration. Over the past 12 months, 3.4 million new broadband connections have been sold, generating overall market growth of 38% year-on-year. Quarterly net additions were 719,000, 83,500 higher than the previous quarter, but 178,000 lower than the same quarter last year. We believe that broadband adoption has now peaked, partly due to provisioning issues, and we envisage a gradual decline in the new connection rate over the next 18 months

Telecoms, Fixed Line 6 December 2006
H3G’s X-Series and the mobile internet (or lack thereof)

H3G’s X-Series is not quite as innovative as it was presented to be, given that T-Mobile’s Web ‘n’ Walk is very similar in concept (flat rate data tariffs, 3rd party Internet services) and has been available since June 2005

  • T-Mobile
  • Hutchison 3G
Telecoms, Mobile 22 November 2006
ITV - where next?

Today ITV officially rejected NTL's bid, currently worth around 120 pence/share with, among others, the consequence that Sir Peter Burt will have to continue to show up for meetings at ITV for the foreseeable future

  • ITV
Media, TV 21 November 2006
BT FY 2006-07 Q2 results: further progress but rougher water ahead

Group revenue growth continues to be positive but vulnerable; EBITDA growth continues apace but cash flow growth has again been hit by 21CN capex

Telecoms, Fixed Line 17 November 2006
Vodafone H1 2006/07 results: on the mend?

Vodafone’s revenue growth has improved, with core underlying growth rising both relative to the previous quarter and relative to its competitors

  • Vodafone
Telecoms, Mobile 16 November 2006
NTL-Q3 results

Although NTL could use ITV programming to improve its competitiveness, it is difficult to see how yet another acquisition could be justified, given the managerial and financial burden that would result. Nevertheless, we believe that NTL will move heaven and earth to acquire ITV and is deeply serious in its intentions

  • ITV
Media, TV, Telecoms, Fixed Line 15 November 2006
ITV1 Viewing Decline: Causes and Prospects

Having experienced an almost straight-line decline in its audience, ITV1’s 20% share of total viewing in 2006 is about half of what it was in 1992. Although the causes of this dramatic decline have varied, the result has always been the same. When and where will it end? ITV1 Viewing Decline: Causes and Prospects [2006-63] examines the most recent viewing trends, starting in January 2003 and coinciding with the launch of review. This period has seen especially rapid digital growth, with almost 80% of the population now able to receive digital TV channels at home, compared with just over 50% at the start of 2003

  • ITV
Media, TV 15 November 2006
Vodafone UK broadband launch

Vodafone UK’s new broadband product is not very competitively priced compared to the offers from Carphone Warehouse and Orange, costing £5-10 a month more than the nearest equivalent packages

  • Orange
  • Carphone Warehouse
  • Vodafone
Telecoms, Fixed Line 13 November 2006
Changing times for Sky - fiscal Q1 2007 results

Fiscal Q1 2007 results show unexpectedly strong subscriber gross additions (14% up on Q1 2006) and a promising start to Sky Broadband in its pursuit of at least 3 million subscribers by December 2010. Management attributes the strong gross subscriber additions to the ‘halo’ effect of its broadband and telephony offer

Growth will likely slow from 2006's impressive levels, but the business is still a very solid core, with volumes, prices and commission levels likely to hold up well for the foreseeable future

As regards TalkTalk, the rate of customer migration onto fully unbundled lines continues to be an issue, but the situation is improving, albeit gradually

The appeal of the ‘free’ offer appears to have survived the serious customer service issues of 2006, but the new marketing campaign will need to boost subscriber growth significantly for it to remain on-track

  • Sky
Media 13 November 2006
ITV/NTL - a possible combination transaction

Under mounting competitive pressure from Sky, NTL needs to reinforce its position in content and has approached ITV about a possible combination

  • Sky
  • ITV
TV, Media 10 November 2006
Microsoft’s Zune: credible or incredible competitor to Apple?

The Zune will compete with the iPod Video – but not the mini, nano or shuffle that have built Apple’s player market share. The Zune’s USP of Wi-Fi capability (to share tracks locally, not download) is just a gadget, not a must-have selling point

Media, Music and Radio 10 November 2006
Classified Advertising in Print and Online

The UK newspaper industry is being engulfed by a 'perfect storm'. Overall advertising has been in a cyclical downturn since mid-2005, and public sector recruitment in particular has been weak, while readers desert newspapers (even free ones) for the internet, to which they are drawing spend on classified and display advertising. We view classified advertising in print media as being in permanent decline, anticipating an overall drop from £4 billion in 2006 to £3.5 billion by 2011

Media, Internet 9 November 2006
Internet Advertising: you’ve been googled!

Last week Google hit the headlines on the back of forecasts for its UK revenues for 2006 which we expect to reach £920 million, up 90% on 2005, cited as proof of a structural shift away from broadcast media to the internet

  • Google
Media, Internet 7 November 2006
Orange UK: struggling to give convergence away for free

Orange UK’s converged mobile and broadband brands and ‘free’ broadband offer has not proved a big hit with consumers, with Orange reporting just 25,000 DSL net additions for the September quarter, likely to be below 5% market share

  • Orange
Telecoms, Mobile, Fixed Line 1 November 2006
French broadband market update

The level of net broadband additions in France declined in Q3 2006 to 539,000 net adds, down 8% on a year-over-year basis, as narrowband migration reaches completion due to exceptional levels of promotional activity induced by the ‘land grab’ for customers

Non-UK Telecoms, Fixed Line, Telecoms 30 October 2006
UK Residential Broadband Market

This report examines recent developments in the UK residential market for broadband internet access. We consider past trends and the outlook over the next five years for the total market volume, market shares, prices and margins

Telecoms, Fixed Line 18 October 2006
Vodafone drops Carphone Warehouse, but who will fall further?

In a fit of pique over increasing subsidies, Vodafone UK is dropping Carphone Warehouse (CPW) as a distributor, and moving exclusively to Phones4U with lower subsidy levels and volume guarantees, while Orange is reportedly also considering its position with CPW

  • Vodafone
  • Orange
  • Carphone Warehouse
Telecoms, Mobile 14 October 2006