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BBC iPlayer

Set for launch in May/June, the BBC’s iPlayer is a PC-based application offering live and on-demand access to around 3,500 hours of BBC programmes per week via the internet, using peer-to-peer (P2P) and multi-cast technology to overcome cost and bandwidth issues

  • BBC
Media, TV, Internet 2 March 2007
Virgin Media Q4 results: Restructuring story promising, growth story more dubious

Virgin Media’s Q4 results were again mixed – increasing competition is continuing to have a significant effect on net additions but, as yet, most higher ARPU customers are staying put, permitting modest revenue growth

  • Virgin Media
TV, Media, Telecoms, Fixed Line 2 March 2007
Commercial radio: growth ambitions quashed by economic realities

Commercial radio trade association launches new R.A.D.I.O. plan to achieve 20% revenue growth, increased share of listening and migration to digital platforms by 2011

Media, Music and Radio 1 March 2007
Sprint and the mobile WiMAX bubble

Mobile WiMAX is still being heavily hyped as the future of mobile broadband, with Sprint in the US, with its $3 billion network rollout, being lauded as the pioneer

Telecoms, Mobile 1 March 2007
Mobile network sharing in the UK: a strategic blunder?

Vodafone and Orange are planning to share their 3G networks in the UK, and are looking at potentially sharing their 2G networks in due course

  • Orange
  • Vodafone
Telecoms, Mobile 22 February 2007
Sky versus Virgin (and all comers)

Hostilities between Sky and Virgin have intensified during the course of cable’s re-launch, Sky’s announcement of its pay-DTT plans, and bilateral negotiations over channel carriage fee payments on the satellite and cable platforms

  • Virgin Media
  • Sky
Media, TV 19 February 2007
BT FY 2006/07 Q3 results: firing on (almost) all cylinders

Group revenue growth was strong but helped by a one-off price change and LLU supply issues at Openreach

Telecoms, Fixed Line 12 February 2007
Mobile TV: poor reception to date

This report sets out the technological, regulatory and consumer demand issues relating to the provision of mobile TV services in the UK. In summary, technology is uncertain, spectrum is scarce and demand is weak but, nonetheless, we expect industry enthusiasm to drive full multi-channel broadcast services before the end of the decade

Telecoms, Mobile 9 February 2007
Yell UK and Classified Directory Advertising Services

Yell UK is the dominant supplier of Classified Advertising Directory Services (CDAS) in the UK. Its principal competitor is BT but, as a natural monopoly, it is regulated, and has just undergone a sector review lifting the price caps currently in place. What does the future now hold for Yell, and more generally for CDAS, which has been the only growth sector in print classified advertising since 2004?

  • Yell
Media, Internet 7 February 2007
Sky FY 2007 Q2 results

Strong second quarter subscriber figures, including 432,000 gross additions, the highest in six years, attest to a strong and improving product offer. To reach the core target of 10 million subscribers by 2010 will, however, require poaching many cable customers

Three sources of downside risk for Trader Media include: a sluggish car market impacting on print and online ad volumes; the decline of print ad volumes as a result of the shift to online and resulting compression of Trader’s operating margins; Trader’s powerful competitors in the online ad market, especially eBay

Trader’s valuation could be 10 to 11 times 2006 profit of £120 million, although a minority stake makes it difficult for a private equity investor to get in, slash the expensive print-based cost structure, and get out quickly

  • Sky
Telecoms, Media 5 February 2007
Vodafone Q3 2006/07 KPIs: steady but unspectacular

Vodafone’s underlying service revenue growth in its core European markets again improved, to 3.0% from 2.3% in the previous quarter, although most of this improvement was due to the impact from termination rate cuts being lower

  • Vodafone
Telecoms, Mobile, Non-UK Telecoms 1 February 2007
Apple quarterly results

iPod volumes hit a record 21.1 million units sold in the key Christmas quarter, but year-over-year quarterly revenue growth declined again to 18% (from 29%) due to lower prices for all iPods and consumers’ drift to low priced flash memory based players (iPod Shuffle). Apple’s push on the iPhone limits the iPod’s future development and hence this segment’s future revenue growth

  • Apple
Music and Radio, Media 30 January 2007
Trinity Mirror disposals

Trinity Mirror’s decision to sell certain regional newspaper and sports assets is ill-timed in view of the severe declines in newspaper circulation and advertising revenues across the industry, which could make it difficult for Trinity to realise its target price of £600 million

Media 29 January 2007
Very High Speed Broadband: A Case For Intervention?

In continental Europe ‘public/private partnerships’ rolling out very high speed broadband (VHSB) access networks to consumers are the latest rage, with local governments pushing their own subsidy initiatives and seeking to secure cover from European Commission rules on state aid. These initiatives raise basic questions about the future of the telecommunications industry, including whether the supply of network infrastructure will be led by demand for applications or by the will of politicians, subsidies at hand

Telecoms, Fixed Line, Non-UK Telecoms 24 January 2007
H3G drops roaming charges

H3G has removed roaming charges for customers roaming onto its own overseas networks. While reducing roaming prices can be partially, or even fully, compensated for by elasticity effects, removing them altogether has far more limited direct compensations, especially when consumers are on bundle tariffs

  • Hutchison 3G
Telecoms, Mobile 23 January 2007
Carphone Warehouse Q3 trading statement: is no news good news?

Carphone Warehouse’s core distribution business was firm, showing no signs of being harmed by Vodafone withdrawing its new contract business in the UK

  • Vodafone
  • Carphone Warehouse
Telecoms, Mobile 18 January 2007
Climate change: M&S goes for Plan A

Marks & Spencer’s plan to make itself the world’s most 'sustainable' retailer is an extremely ambitious proposal to make the company carbon neutral, reduce its own landfill waste to zero, and change its supply chain to improve its position as an ethical retailer

Media 18 January 2007
The Apple iPhone – beautiful, but niche

Apple has introduced its long-awaited iPhone, with sleek looks and a host of innovative touches, to be launched in the US exclusively with Cingular in June and Europe by the end of 2007

  • Apple
Telecoms, Mobile 12 January 2007
BT's IPTV play

BT has gone further than expected in setting a “medium term” goal of 2-3 million customers for BT Vision, remaining vague on when it will be achieved. Giving away the PVR and a cheap self-install option, due later in 2007, are essential to achieve this target

Radio groups implement further cutbacks and increased centralisation to combat shrinking audiences and revenues

In our view, commercial radio requires more than a marketing plan and cost cutbacks – a renaissance of creativity and inward investment are needed for radio to compete more effectively with the increasing diversity of personalised audio content available online

Telecoms, Media 10 January 2007
Audiovisual advertising blues 2007

Television advertising revenues fell by nearly 7% and radio advertising by more than 4% in 2006 according to latest market estimates. We expect declines of around 4% for both media in 2007

TV, Media, Music and Radio 4 January 2007