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Sky Q2 2007/8 results: record product sales, but concerns on fixed line costs

Sky's Q2 results show continuing strong growth across all parts of its multi-product business, with bumper product sales, up by almost a third year-on-year

  • Sky
TV, Media, Telecoms, Fixed Line 8 February 2008
Fibre in France

France is the first major European market where a large scale fibre-to-the-home (FTTH) deployment is under way. Numericable and France Télécom, as well as unbundlers Iliad and Neuf Cegetel, are launching triple play offers over fibre to households. Public authorities actively support the plans, to boost France's growth prospects. This report examines the commercial context for fibre deployment in France

  • Iliad
  • France Telecom
Fixed Line, Telecoms, Non-UK Telecoms 6 February 2008
Canal+ subscriptions disappoint

Vivendi’s preliminary results for FY 2007 show weak subscription growth by France’s leading pay-TV operator Canal+ despite the existence of special positive factors. Strengthening free-to-air (FTA) competition on the DTT and DSL platforms appears the main cause

  • Canal Plus
TV, Media, Non-UK Media 5 February 2008
Vodafone December quarter KPIs: improved performance, and prospects good for 2008

Vodafone’s European performance was very solid, with underlying growth of 1.9%, up from 1.7% last quarter, with some very encouraging moderation to price cuts in Germany and elsewhere

  • Vodafone
Telecoms, Mobile 1 February 2008
Apple Q1 FY2008 results

Powered by strong computer sales at Apple stores and surging European sales (and the weaker dollar), Apple’s dollar revenue for Q1 FY2008 rose 35% year-on-year to $9.6 billion, exceeding guidance of 29%

  • Apple
Music and Radio, Media 31 January 2008
France Télécom’s calculated posturing on the football rights auction

In an apparent change of direction, France Télécom said it would consider bidding for all the 12 packages of French televised football rights at the auction to be held tomorrow, 31st January, including the primetime slots that last went to Canal+ – but FT also claims to rule out an all out assault against Canal+


  • France Telecom
  • Canal Plus
Media, TV, Non-UK Media 30 January 2008
O2 UK - iPhone tariff price cut

O2 this week announced changes to its contract tariffs; however, these will have limited impact for most of their subscribers, and the reductions to their data pricing only bring them into line with changes the other operators have already made

  • O2
Mobile, Telecoms 30 January 2008
The Future of Digital Radio - is it 'DAB'?

This report considers recent activity concerning the radio sector’s Digital Audio Broadcasting (DAB) platform and examines the implications, particularly in view of the recent establishment of a government working group examining the future of digital radio, and given weak consumer acceptance of DAB. It concludes that overcapacity of DAB spectrum is an issue that will only be exacerbated by the planned launch of a further DAB national multiplex by Channel 4 in 2008

  • Channel 4
Media, Music and Radio 28 January 2008
Seesaw TV advertising prospects in 2008

Chill global winds in the financial world have triggered gloomy predictions in the City of around 2% negative nominal UK TV NAR (net advertising revenues) growth in 2008. In general, the TV advertising industry appears more positive, with predictions mostly lying between 0% and +3%

Media, TV 25 January 2008
Valuing Chrysalis music publishing assets

Chrysalis, the music publishing company, is for sale and expressions of interest have been received from EMI Music Publishing, Warner Chappell, SonyATV as well as a small number of private equity companies, with final bids due this week

Media, Music and Radio 24 January 2008
Carphone Warehouse December quarter: growth increasingly challenging, but downside protected

Distribution growth improved considerably (retail grew 13% versus 8% last quarter), with strong contract sales more than counteracting a relatively weak prepay performance

  • Carphone Warehouse
Telecoms, Mobile 22 January 2008
News Corporation takes its second bite at German pay-TV

Unity Media sold its 14.58% stake in German pay-TV operator Premiere to News Corporation at the start of 2008, prompting speculation of a full takeover by News Corporation later in the year

  • Sky Deutschland
  • News Corp
Media, TV, Non-UK Media 21 January 2008
Will Google buy Yell?

Rumours that Google was acquiring Yell emerged at the end of last week, but we doubt the search giant would be interested in purchasing a traditional media company, particularly not one predominantly in print

  • Yell
  • Google
Media, Internet 17 January 2008
GCap Media - the end of the road

Since its creation in 2005, GCap Media has singularly failed to deliver its shareholders either a return on their investment or a coherent, strategic vision of its future, rendering the company increasingly vulnerable to takeover

Media, Music and Radio 11 January 2008
French football auction: Canal+ won’t pay more for rights

To draw in competitors to Canal+, French football Ligue 1 broadcasting rights are being tendered in 12 lots, offered in three sequential auctions (non-premium Fans matches, Premium, highlights)

  • Canal Plus
TV, Media, Non-UK Media 20 December 2007
H3G/T-Mobile network sharing: joining at the hip

H3G and T-Mobile have agreed to fully share their 3G networks, with their networks being roughly doubled to a combined 13,000 sites over the next two years

  • T-Mobile
  • Hutchison 3G
Telecoms, Mobile 20 December 2007
UK DTV Homes Platform Forecasts: 2003-2017

Just as digital switchover (DSO) has finally begun, TV broadband convergence is beginning to make its mark in the UK following the launch of hybrid broadcast reception and IPTV services over DSL. In this context, UK DTV Homes Platform Forecasts: 2003-2017 updates our long-term DTV platform homes forecasts from 2006 (UK DTV Platform Growth [2006-40]), covering the digital satellite (DST), cable (DCT) and terrestrial (DTT) platforms

Media, TV, Telecoms, Fixed Line 20 December 2007
UK broadband market Q3 2007

At 30th September 2007 there were approximately 15.1 million fixed broadband subscribers in the UK and residential broadband penetration was approximately 54%. BT remains the country’s largest broadband provider supplying more than 4 million lines, while BSkyB remains the fastest growing ISP

  • BT
  • Sky
Telecoms, Fixed Line 19 December 2007
Emap – can't get used to losing you

Emap’s sale last week of its consumer magazine and radio divisions to H. Bauer, the German privately-held publisher, for £1.14 billion is nothing short of miraculous given declining consumption and advertising trends in those business sectors currently, and for 2008

Media, Press, Music and Radio 14 December 2007
Iliad and 3G – the black hole beckons

Iliad is getting ever closer to securing the French 4th 3G licence on terms with which it is happy, with progress slow but seemingly inevitable, and a licence award likely in H2 2008 followed by service launch in 2010

  • Iliad
Mobile, Telecoms, Non-UK Telecoms 13 December 2007