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Emap – can't get used to losing you

Emap’s sale last week of its consumer magazine and radio divisions to H. Bauer, the German privately-held publisher, for £1.14 billion is nothing short of miraculous given declining consumption and advertising trends in those business sectors currently, and for 2008

Media, Press, Music and Radio 14 December 2007
Iliad and 3G – the black hole beckons

Iliad is getting ever closer to securing the French 4th 3G licence on terms with which it is happy, with progress slow but seemingly inevitable, and a licence award likely in H2 2008 followed by service launch in 2010

  • Iliad
Mobile, Telecoms, Non-UK Telecoms 13 December 2007
Google, the US 700MHz auction, and futurology

Google has announced that it will be bidding for 700MHz spectrum in the US, after the FCC adopted most of the ‘open access’ provisions for which it lobbied

  • Google
Telecoms, Mobile 4 December 2007
TF1: unchallenged leadership in an uncertain market

After two quarters that have fallen short of earlier guidance, TF1 Q3 results have at last met more subdued investor expectations of marginal growth in flagship TF1 channel advertising revenues in a total market expected to increase by about 4.5% in 2007, chiefly due to digital growth

  • TF1
Media, TV, Non-UK Media 30 November 2007
Mobile revenue growth: September 2007 quarter and outlook

European mobile revenue growth dropped again to 1.4% from 2.8% last quarter, although the roaming cuts mandated by the EU do approximately explain the drop

Mobile, Telecoms, Non-UK Telecoms 28 November 2007
Cable & Wireless half year results to September 2007: International weak but encouraging progress in UK

International performance was hit by problems in Jamaica and was weak generally except for Panama and Macau

  • Cable & Wireless
Telecoms 15 November 2007
Vodafone 2007/08 interim results: guidance up, but performance down

Vodafone’s European revenue growth has dropped again in the latest quarter, both relative to the prior quarter and its competitors, with Spain performing particularly poorly

  • Vodafone
Telecoms, Mobile, Non-UK Telecoms 14 November 2007
BT FY 2007/2008 Q2 results: reasonable overall EBITDA performance but concerns on 21CN remain

Overall growth in revenue and EBITDA remained adequate, in spite of a poor quarter at BT Wholesale

  • BT
Telecoms, Fixed Line 13 November 2007
Waiting for Googlephone

Google has announced that, alongside other industry partners, it is to create ‘Android’, a new operating system for mobile phones which is designed to facilitate the design and use of 3rd party applications, and which is planned to be in handsets from H2 2008

  • Google
Telecoms, Mobile 9 November 2007
Virgin Media Q3 2007 results: some better news but sustained improvement in cash flow growth remains distant

Telecoms subscriber growth has improved sharply but this has been achieved at the expense of ARPU growth; revenue continues to decline

Apparent weaknesses in its Q3 2007 results notwithstanding, Premiere has a good chance of meeting its FY 2007 guidance targets of €1 billion in revenues and €80-100 million in EBITDA after recovering marketing rights to live televised domestic football

Uncertainties over football rights from September 2009 remain and doubts persist about long-term growth in a market where 95% of homes receive 30+ free-to-air (FTA) domestic TV channels. Even with News Corporation’s extra know-how, climbing from 3.53 million (end of Q3 2007) to 4 million direct subscribers will take some push, while 5 million looks a distant dream

  • Virgin Media
Telecoms, Media 9 November 2007
Sky FY 2008 Q1 results: strong underlying performance

The pay-TV business is performing well, helped by the ‘halo’ effect from broadband; we view the unexpectedly sharp drop in operating profit as a temporary result of record quarterly take-up of Sky+

  • Sky
TV, Media 6 November 2007
H3G’s Skypephone: cheap minutes, but cheaper handset

H3G has launched the ‘Skypephone’, a Skype-branded phone with a free Skype VoIP service fully integrated into the handset

  • Hutchison 3G
Telecoms, Mobile 31 October 2007
Apple Q4 FY2007 results: can the iPod shine over Apple’s Christmas?

School’s back and strong computer sales drove Apple’s Q4 FY2007 revenue to $6.22 billion, up 28.5% year-on-year

  • Apple
Media 30 October 2007
ITV NAR forecasts, 2007-2012

ITV plc set itself the annual target of 3-5% revenue growth up to 2010, then 5% to 2012, in its strategy presentation on September 12th 2007. Within the overall business growth target, ITV set itself a further three sub-targets. Two of these, the doubling of production revenues (currently in the region of £600 million per annum) by 2012 and the fivefold increase in online revenues from about £30 million in 2007 to £150 million in 2010 raised a good few eyebrows to judge by reactions afterwards; but the third target of 38.5% adult SOCI (share of commercial impacts, or ‘eyeballs delivered to advertisers’) by 2012 has drawn almost no attention

  • ITV
Media, TV 30 October 2007
Mobile revenue growth: June 2007 quarter and outlook

Aggregate mobile service revenue growth in the June quarter was 2.7%, down almost 1%, although this is mostly explicable by regulated price cuts

Telecoms, Mobile 22 October 2007
Digital Radio Switchover: somewhere over the rainbow?

For the radio industry, the transition from an analogue broadcast system to a digital one is not going particularly smoothly. Data from the latest RAJAR audience survey, the first to track platform usage, showed that listening to digital radio stations remains stubbornly low. While the television industry has an agreed roadmap that includes a firm date for complete analogue switch-off, the radio industry has yet to determine such a date and appears mired in Ofcom consultations over the future shape of the commercial radio sector. This report examines the progress made so far towards ‘digital’ in the radio sector, and it explores the issues that require solutions if the industry’s migration is to prove successful

Media, Music and Radio 17 October 2007
UK Residential Broadband Market: the guests have arrived, but is the party almost over?

This report examines recent developments in the UK residential market for broadband internet access. We consider the outlook over the next five years for total market volume and market shares

Telecoms, Fixed Line 16 October 2007
BT and FON

BT is now offering its broadband customers the option of joining the FON network, allowing them to use the FON worldwide network of Wi-Fi hotspots

  • BT
Telecoms, Fixed Line 13 October 2007
No Picnic for Sky?

On 4th October Ofcom issued its consultation document on Sky’s proposals to provide a broader and more comprehensive range of programming by replacing its three free-to-air channels on Freeview with its Picnic hamper of five pay-TV services, including the Sky Sports 1 and Sky Movies SD1, as part of a flexible digital television, broadband and telephony service

  • Sky
Media, TV 9 October 2007
Carphone Warehouse trading update

The distribution side was slightly weak again, but the prospects for the Christmas quarter are much better, with the iPhone exclusivity a big help even if its sales prove to be weak

  • Carphone Warehouse
Telecoms, Mobile 9 October 2007