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Ofcom Second Consultation on pay-TV and the root wholesale issue

Ofcom’s second consultation document in its pay-TV investigation has focused on BSkyB’s wholesaling of designated premium film and sports channels, reviving memories of previous regulatory efforts to address the content wholesale/retail issue



  • Sky
Media, TV 30 September 2008
NGA in the UK and Ofcom's Second Consultation: edging forward

Ofcom’s second consultation document on Next Generation Access raised few new issues. Ofcom continues to favour passive access and emphasises the importance of joint investment in it

Telecoms, Fixed Line 29 September 2008
The Googlephone: nice software, shame about the hardware

The long awaited first Android-driven handset was launched this week, and with the Google logo emblazoned on the back it has been swiftly christened the Googlephone


  • Google
Telecoms, Mobile 24 September 2008
Mobile revenue growth to June 2008 and outlook: economic and regulatory worries

European revenue growth fell to 1.4% in the quarter, down 0.8ppts from 2.2% last quarter, driven primarily by Spain where growth fell 4.1ppts. The deterioration was despite an improvement in the regulatory conditions, and underlying growth fell by 1.0ppts, with Italy slowing rapidly

Telecoms, Mobile, Non-UK Telecoms 22 September 2008
ITV plc: economic downturn, NAR and cost reduction

We have downgraded our short-term forecasts of TV NAR (net advertising revenue) growth from -5% to -5.75% for 2008 and from -3% to -6% for 2009 in light of the worsening economic conditions and early indications of Q4 advertising spend

  • ITV
Media, TV 21 September 2008
UK advertising: online reality check

Deteriorating economic conditions are impacting growth in online advertising, with display and classified especially affected, though search, which accounts for about 60% of spend, remains relatively robust

Media, Internet 20 September 2008
Tiscali UK update – feeling the pinch

Tiscali UK’s H1 results showed falling subscribers, revenue and margins, as the competitiveness of the UK broadband market bites

Telecoms, Fixed Line 17 September 2008
UK broadband market Q2 2008

UK broadband market net additions in Q2 2008 were lower than at any point in five years. LLU data for Q3 to date suggests that a second half improvement will not be as substantial as in recent years

Telecoms, Fixed Line 13 September 2008
UK Commercial Radio Q2 2008

UK commercial radio revenues fell by 10.2% in Q2 2008 year-on-year to £134.2 million, the sector’s lowest quarter since 2000. In Q3 2008, commercial radio revenues are expected to be down 9% year-on-year as advertisers, particularly those in the finance and food sectors, continue to respond to the economic gloom by cutting their radio marketing budgets

Media, Music and Radio 9 September 2008
French broadband: down to three players, for how long?

Just three players now account for most French broadband connections: Orange’s DSL market share is closing on 50%, Iliad’s rose to 25% from consolidation with Alice, while SFR’s dropped to 23.7%, with Neuf’s rebrand imminent. Cable remains a minimal presence on broadband

  • SFR
  • Orange
  • Iliad
Telecoms, Fixed Line, Non-UK Telecoms 3 September 2008
Clear Channel – designs on global radio?

Encouraged by the way that Google has come to dominate the global market for online search advertising, Clear Channel and its rival CBS Radio are now eyeing the potential to dominate the global market for online radio advertising, and fend off Google. In July 2008, Clear Channel announced its plans to dominate the ‘internet radio’ market, by launching a ‘portal’ offering a vast array of radio programming, along with a new business unit to sell online advertising inventory. Although Clear Channel’s targets initially are US advertisers and US internet users, the company will likely target the UK market when it eventually decides to roll out its business model for online radio to the rest of the world. As a result, within the next decade, the UK commercial radio sector could face an additional source of competition from overseas media companies offering radio content delivered via the internet

  • Google
Media, Internet, Music and Radio 1 September 2008
H3G H1 2008 results and datacard economics

H3G Group’s H1 2008 results showed static revenue and EBITDA slipping back into negative territory, neither of which bode well for the company’s target of being EBIT positive next year

  • Hutchison 3G
Telecoms, Mobile 31 August 2008
TV and ITV NAR to 2012

2005 was an all time high for total TV net advertising revenues (NAR), even if ITV1, the leading commercial channel, had peaked the year before. 2008 is now proving particularly nasty for everyone as budgets take a plunge in the second half of the year, while expectations are growing that things will only get worse in 2009. This presentation sets out our latest five-year forecasts of total TV and ITV plc NAR, taking into account latest market trading expectations for September and October 2008 and trends in the economy

  • ITV
Media, TV 20 August 2008
Finding a buyer for Spain's Digital+

Prisa, the 98% owner of Sogecable, has put Spain’s leading pay-TV platform Digital+ up for sale in order to make a large reduction in its debts

  • Sogecable
Media, TV, Non-UK Media 12 August 2008
Virgin Media Q2 2008 results: continuing improvement but not yet firing on all cylinders

VMed’s Q2 results represent a further step in the recovery of the business, with fixed line churn continuing to fall and operating cash flow (OCF) continuing to grow, helped by a dramatic improvement in OCF at Virgin Mobile

  • Virgin Media
TV, Media, Telecoms, Fixed Line 9 August 2008
ITV 2008 interim results: battening down the hatches

ITV interim results for 2008 confirmed expectations of a sharp downturn in H1 profits combined with dire predictions for net advertising revenues in the second half of the year, although ITV has so far succeeded in outperforming the rest of the commercial sector in 2008

  • ITV
Media, TV 6 August 2008
Carphone Warehouse Q1 trading update: weathering the storms

Carphone Warehouse had a solid quarter on the distribution side given the current environment, with 6-7% underlying organic retail growth and roughly stable like-for-like figures

  • Carphone Warehouse
Telecoms, Mobile, Fixed Line 4 August 2008
Sky FY 2008 results: sound progress

Another strong quarter of pay-TV and Sky+ growth in the face of a severe retail downturn makes us more confident that Sky will achieve its target of 10 million DTH pay-TV subscribers by the end of calendar 2010 despite falling short of the required run rate of annual net additions in FY 2008

  • Sky
TV, Media 3 August 2008
BT FY 2008-09 Q1 results: wholesale hit compounded by weak performance at Global Services

BT’s Q1 results were weak, with declining like-for-like revenue and EBITDA, although cash flow grew strongly thanks to a lull in capex

  • BT
Telecoms, Fixed Line 2 August 2008
Web TV: Project Kangaroo heads to the Competition Commission

Project Kangaroo, the planned joint venture between BBC Worldwide, ITV and C4 to pool archival resources and supply video-on-demand (VOD) to UK retail and wholesale customers, was referred by the Office of Fair Trading to the Competition Commission on 30th June

  • BBC
  • Channel 4
  • ITV
Media, TV, Internet 29 July 2008