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Apple Q4 FY2007 results: can the iPod shine over Apple’s Christmas?

School’s back and strong computer sales drove Apple’s Q4 FY2007 revenue to $6.22 billion, up 28.5% year-on-year

  • Apple
Media 30 October 2007
Mobile revenue growth: June 2007 quarter and outlook

Aggregate mobile service revenue growth in the June quarter was 2.7%, down almost 1%, although this is mostly explicable by regulated price cuts

Telecoms, Mobile 22 October 2007
Digital Radio Switchover: somewhere over the rainbow?

For the radio industry, the transition from an analogue broadcast system to a digital one is not going particularly smoothly. Data from the latest RAJAR audience survey, the first to track platform usage, showed that listening to digital radio stations remains stubbornly low. While the television industry has an agreed roadmap that includes a firm date for complete analogue switch-off, the radio industry has yet to determine such a date and appears mired in Ofcom consultations over the future shape of the commercial radio sector. This report examines the progress made so far towards ‘digital’ in the radio sector, and it explores the issues that require solutions if the industry’s migration is to prove successful

Media, Music and Radio 17 October 2007
UK Residential Broadband Market: the guests have arrived, but is the party almost over?

This report examines recent developments in the UK residential market for broadband internet access. We consider the outlook over the next five years for total market volume and market shares

Telecoms, Fixed Line 16 October 2007
BT and FON

BT is now offering its broadband customers the option of joining the FON network, allowing them to use the FON worldwide network of Wi-Fi hotspots

  • BT
Telecoms, Fixed Line 13 October 2007
No Picnic for Sky?

On 4th October Ofcom issued its consultation document on Sky’s proposals to provide a broader and more comprehensive range of programming by replacing its three free-to-air channels on Freeview with its Picnic hamper of five pay-TV services, including the Sky Sports 1 and Sky Movies SD1, as part of a flexible digital television, broadband and telephony service

  • Sky
Media, TV 9 October 2007
Carphone Warehouse trading update

The distribution side was slightly weak again, but the prospects for the Christmas quarter are much better, with the iPhone exclusivity a big help even if its sales prove to be weak

  • Carphone Warehouse
Telecoms, Mobile 9 October 2007
O2 Broadband: worth the wait?

O2’s new broadband offer is sensibly pitched as high quality at a reasonable price, but its reported target of 1 million users by 2010 looks ambitious

  • O2
Telecoms, Fixed Line 7 October 2007
Competition Commission view about the Sky stake in ITV

BSkyB’s 17.9% shareholding in ITV is likely to lead to a substantial lessening of competition in the all-TV market, according to the provisional findings of the Competition Commission (CC) investigation announced on 2nd October 2007

  • Sky
  • ITV
Media, TV 1 October 2007
Next Generation Access in the UK: could Sky and Virgin Media be the real losers?

Ofcom’s consultation document on Next Generation Access indicates a desire to avoid regulatory impediments to investment, not to force BT to act

  • Sky
  • BT
  • Virgin Media
Telecoms, Fixed Line 30 September 2007
UK broadband market Q2 2007

At 30th June 2007 there were approximately 14.5 million fixed broadband subscribers in the UK and residential broadband penetration was approximately 52%

Telecoms, Fixed Line 29 September 2007
Blyk: easy money?

A new MVNO, Blyk, launched in the UK this week offering limited free texts and voice minutes in exchange for receiving advertising

Telecoms, Mobile 26 September 2007
UK spectrum withdrawal: Ofcom wants it back

Ofcom is proposing taking back and re-auctioning over 30% of Vodafone and O2’s 2G spectrum as part of more general plans for ‘refarming’ 2G spectrum to allow its use for 3G services

  • Vodafone
  • O2
Telecoms, Mobile 25 September 2007
UK Commercial Radio Consolidation

Further consolidation could lie ahead for the UK commercial radio sector. EMAP is expected to offer its radio assets for sale and Scottish Media Group plans to divest Virgin Radio. The battleground is competition for listeners drawn by the BBC's increasingly popular national radio networks. This report however examines past consolidation, which produced substantial cost savings, without noticeably improving the commercial sector's fortunes. In our view, for consolidation to succeed in this regard, much greater attention will need to be paid to improving content

  • BBC
  • SMG
  • Virgin Media
Media, Music and Radio 18 September 2007
iPhone in the UK: over here, overhyped and overpriced

The Apple iPhone will finally be available in the UK on 9th November, sold exclusively through Apple, O2 and Carphone Warehouse, and costing a hefty £269 when bought with a minimum £35 a month 18 month contract

  • Carphone Warehouse
  • Apple
  • O2
Telecoms, Mobile 17 September 2007
Emap Sale and Consumer Magazine Trends

Emap’s decision in July 2007 to sell off the entire group – consumer magazines, radio and business-to-business (B2B) – as a whole or in parts, provides the context for our examination of the state of the consumer magazine sector. The recently released ABC circulation figures highlight the plight of this sector as a whole and, within it, the precarious state of certain genres, especially lad's magazines. This report presents our analysis of the ABC circulation figures and provides our forecasts for the sector to 2012

Media, Press 12 September 2007
Neuf Cegetel

This report presents our analysis of Neuf Cegetel alongside that of close rival Iliad (which trades under the Free brand). Neuf and Iliad are France’s two leading unbundlers, are both quoted on the Euronext exchange and, since Neuf’s IPO in November 2006, have been assessed largely in parallel by investors. We anticipate Neuf's Investor Day on 12th September will provide analysts with greater detail on Neuf’s strategy to improve by 2010 its profitability to the level enjoyed by Iliad.

  • Iliad
Telecoms 10 September 2007
Apple’s iPods: reaching maturity?

Apple revealed an updated iPod range to stimulate demand in the run up to the all important Christmas quarter, when iPod revenues typically account for 50% of Apple’s totals

  • Apple
Media, Music and Radio 9 September 2007
The Broadband Warehouse?'

Carphone Warehouse is seeking to position itself as an impartial guide to the broadband products from 6 different brands, although it is not selling the product sets of BT, Sky or Tiscali




  • Carphone Warehouse
Telecoms, Fixed Line 5 September 2007
The CRR dividend - what dividend?

The Office of Fair Trading (OFT) has confirmed receipt of a formal request from ITV plc for a review of the Contract Rights Renewal (CRR) remedy and will announce its decision whether to proceed before the year is over

  • ITV
Media, TV 3 September 2007