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Apple iPhone: revolutionising the mobile business?

Apple has at least revolutionised two aspects of the mobile business: getting customers to queue overnight for a handset, and selling ‘contracts-in-a-box’, neither of which are likely to catch on in Europe

  • Apple
Mobile, Telecoms 7 July 2007
Channel 4: radio ambitions aim too high

Ofcom has awarded the UK’s second national commercial digital radio multiplex to Channel 4 Television, having rejected a competing bid from National Grid Wireless

  • Channel 4
Media, Music and Radio 4 July 2007
Sky pay DTT plans on ice

Ofcom’s decision to hold a consultation on Sky’s pay DTT proposal will prevent its launch before Q1 2008 at the earliest and could be delayed to 2010 if Ofcom’s current investigation of the UK pay TV market ends, as seems increasingly likely, with a referral decision to the Competition Commission

  • Sky
Media, Telecoms 28 June 2007
Emap - pick up the pieces

Emap, the consumer and business-to-business (B2B) publisher, appears ripe for a break-up. This report examines the health of the group's principal consumer magazine and radio assets, as well as its B2B assets. The latter, in our view, could prove particularly attractive to media-hungry private equity, based on recent valuations of business media assets. The consumer magazines segment is under pressure from circulation declines, and Emap’s digital strategy for its titles has yet to bear fruit. Meanwhile, Emap’s radio division has not been spared the market's overall decline

Media, Press 26 June 2007
Classified advertising in the UK

This presentation expands on our report on Classified Advertising in Print and Online [2006-58], by examining the online classified market segments of recruitment, property and automotive, and their likely development to 2011. We anticipate the value of the UK classifieds market could be worth about £5.5 billion in 2011, compared to about £4.5 billion in 2006. We however expect exponential growth in online classified ad volumes, placing pressure on prices of all classifieds. Although disruptive effects on the classified supply chain are anticipated (e.g. estate agents, car dealerships), we believe these will be harder to break than new entrants might believe

Media, Press, Internet 20 June 2007
Carphone Warehouse: distribution steady but fixed line telecoms not yet out of the woods

The distribution business had a strong year, marred by a longer than usual Christmas hangover in the last quarter, but the early signs for the new financial year are promising

  • Carphone Warehouse
Telecoms, Fixed Line 9 June 2007
European internet advertising trends

Broadband penetration and Internet usage in continental European countries are catching up with the US and UK, but consumer e-commerce and internet advertising spend still massively lag behind. Online advertising is growing more rapidly in Germany and France than in the UK, driven by rapid take-up of paid search by advertisers


Media, Internet, Non-UK Media 3 June 2007
UK broadband and telephony Q1 2007

50% of UK households now have a broadband line installed, but market growth is dropping. Rolling 12-month net additions were below three million for the first time since Q3 2004

Telecoms, Fixed Line 30 May 2007
Vodafone 2006/07 results and 2007/08 guidance: unambitious?

Vodafone achieved its 2006/07 full year targets on revenue and profitability, with solid revenue growth (underlying about 2% in Europe) but dropping margins (by around 2pps in Europe)

  • Vodafone
Telecoms, Mobile, Non-UK Telecoms 29 May 2007
Cable & Wireless full year results to March 2007: a start is a start

The performance of the international business remains solid

  • Cable & Wireless
Telecoms, Fixed Line 28 May 2007
EMI: underperforming in difficult times

Steep drops in US and UK recorded music sales dragged EMI’s group revenue 15.8% lower for FY 2006/07. EMI’s underperformance of the sagging recorded music industry highlights the scale of the challenge facing any prospective new owner

Media, Music and Radio 28 May 2007
Neuf Cegetel: is being #2 on the DSL market worth it?

French altnet Neuf Cegetel is buying Club Internet from Deutsche Telekom for an estimated €500 million and will overtake its rival Free as the #2 on the DSL market, still way behind Orange

  • Orange
Telecoms, Fixed Line, Non-UK Telecoms 27 May 2007
Q1 mobile operator results: the story so far...

Growth in Q1 2007 for the aggregate non-Vodafone European mobile operations was 4.2%, a slight decline from 4.7% last quarter (Vodafone reports its results next week)

  • Vodafone
Telecoms, Mobile, Non-UK Telecoms 20 May 2007
BT FY 2006-07 Q4 results: going whoosh?

Revenue growth was weaker but EBITDA growth remained strong and capex fell, sending cash flow growth strongly positive

  • BT
Telecoms, Fixed Line 19 May 2007
Commercial radio: out of tune with London

The three most listened to radio stations in London all belong to the BBC, for the first time since commercial radio started in 1973

  • BBC
Media, Music and Radio 16 May 2007
Trinity Mirror: another false dawn?

Trinity Mirror’s recent optimism about the market for newspaper advertising “stabilising” is questionable, and we expect 2007 to be another year of decline, although less pronounced than in 2006

Media, Press 16 May 2007
Warner Music Group: I will survive!

Warner Music Group reported a mild revenue decline in Q2 FY 2006/07, despite continued steep declines in CD sales in the US and elsewhere, by outperforming other CD suppliers, gaining from rising downloads and ringtone sales, persistent strength in music publishing, as well as favourable currency movements

Media, Music and Radio 15 May 2007
Mobile data pricing in the UK: down but not out

The new consumer data tariffs from Vodafone and Orange in the UK continue the trend towards dramatically lower data prices for high end users, although they are cunningly structured to involve more moderate increases for low end users

  • Vodafone
  • Orange
Telecoms, Mobile 12 May 2007
Virgin Media Q1 2007 results: headwinds increasing

Virgin Media’s Q1 top line results were again mixed, with a growing number of customers leaving as competition intensifies, despite the rebrand to Virgin. But it could have been worse; most higher-spending customers are remaining

  • Virgin Media
TV, Media, Telecoms, Fixed Line 9 May 2007
Virgin Radio: a pig in a poke

Scottish Media Group’s decision to sell its Virgin Radio business has been prompted by the need to pay down group debt and the management’s decision to refocus on the turnaround of its ITV service. This report outlines our views on the management pronouncements made on the success and performance of Virgin Radio and, therefore, its value to investors. We consider that management has exaggerated the potential value of this asset to investors




  • SMG
Media, Music and Radio 7 May 2007