Claire Enders, Founder

Claire Enders

Claire Enders founded Enders Analysis in 1997. Claire is one of the most experienced analysts, forecasters and commentators in UK and European media and telecoms (TMT), with more than 30 years in strategy development and market research in these sectors. In 2015, Claire was nominated as City AM Analyst of the Year.

Enders Analysis is the leading TMT research company in the UK and focuses on research, analysis and specialist expertise of major markets (USA, UK, major European countries). The company is the leading expert commentator in its sectors for the Financial Times, the BBC and The Economist. More than 170 financial, corporate and regulatory organisations subscribe to Enders Analysis research. 

Enders Analysis supports a wide range of charities in the UK with which Claire is actively involved, including the NSPCC, and many cultural enterprises. Claire is a Trustee of Glyndebourne and a Trustee of the Natural History Museum development trust. She is a graduate of Yale and of the London Business School.

Malcolm Fallen, Chairman

Malcolm is Chief Executive Officer of Candover (part time).  He is also Chairman of Innovia Group, a global producer of speciality high performance films and Non-Executive Director of Kentech Corporate Holdings, a Dubai based global provider of technical services to oil and gas industry. Malcolm has worked in a range of sectors, including 14 years in TMT, when he was CFO and Interim MD of BT’s consumer division, CFO of Eircom and CEO of KCOM. Malcolm graduated in Economics from Queens’ College, Cambridge.

Alice Enders, Head of Research

Alice Enders

Alice Enders is Head of Research at Enders Analysis. She undertakes landmark research on the challenges and opportunities for creative industries in the digital age. Alice supplies consultancy services on music, licensing and B2B media. She is a former senior economist at the World Trade Organisation and was professor of economics at York University, Canada. Alice holds a doctorate in economics from Queens University, Canada. 

François Godard, European Media and Telecoms

Francois Godard

François covers French fixed telecoms market and continental TV and media developments. He consults for the Conseil Supérieur de l’Audiovisuel and the European Broadcasting Union, and worked for the Aegis media services group. François holds a degree from the Institut d’études politiques in Paris. 

Douglas McCabe, CEO and Head of Publishing and Tech

Douglas McCabe

Douglas is a leading expert in tech and publishing media. He analyses supplier strategies and forecasts consumption, revenue and marketing expenditure. He is a former director of Fish4, the online advertising portal, and was director of sales development and market insights at the HMV Group. Douglas holds a degree from Stirling University. 

Toby Syfret, Head of TV

Toby Syfret

Toby Syfret covers television market developments in the UK and continental Europe. He has provided independent consultancy services on international TV broadcast and new media development issues. He is a leading international authority on ‘peoplemeter’ measurement of television audiences. Toby previously managed the Ogilvy and Mather European media centre, and was head of new media at J. Walter Thompson. Toby holds a doctorate in philosophy (developmental psychology) from Oxford University.

Gill Hind, COO

Gill Hind

Gill has widespread knowledge of the TV and radio markets. She was previously Operations Director at Freeview, and has run strategy teams in Channel 4 and Capital Radio, where she was also responsible for media regulation and competition issues. Gill holds a psychology degree from Bristol University. 

James Barford, Head of Telecoms

James Barford

James covers fixed and telecoms mobile operators in the UK and Europe, and has over 15 years' experience in the telecoms sector. He is a qualified chartered accountant and a former senior equity analyst with Lehman Brothers, and was an international consultant with PwC in the telecoms strategy and policy team. James holds a degree in mathematics from Oxford University. 

Rukshan Mehra

Rukshan Mehra

Rukshan is a senior telecoms research analyst covering fixed line telecoms in the UK and mobile telecoms in the UK and Europe. Rukshan has also worked in projects across the media sector with a particular focus on internet trends and online activities including social media, gaming and e-commerce. Rukshan holds an MA in Psychology and Business Studies from the University of Edinburgh.

Theo Gibson

Theo Giubson

Theo is a telecoms research analyst covering fixed line telecoms in the UK and mobile telecoms in the UK and Europe. Theo holds a degree in Economics from the University of Durham.

Ciara Jevon

Ciara is a research analyst on the media team contributing to work on the digital industry, regulation and consumer trends. She holds a BA in History and Literature from Harvard University and a MA in International Affairs from Institut d'études politiques de Paris.

Sam Colchester

Sam is a research analyst in the broadcasting team, contributing to work on the UK and European markets. Sam holds a degree in Geography from St Andrews.

Heloise Thomson

Heloise Thomson

Heloise is a research analyst focusing on digital companies, and leads the company's Marcomms and Events. She has worked on a range of projects within the digital sector, including the video game industry, social media and internet trends. She holds a BSc in Anthropology from University College London.

Chris Hayes

Chris Hayes

Chris is a research analyst and economist working in the media team, and has contributed to work on recorded music and the creative industries. He holds a BA in Philosophy, Politics & Economics from the University of Oxford.

Julian Aquilina

Julian Aquilina

Julian is a research analyst in the broadcasting team, contributing to work on the UK and European markets. Julian holds a Masters of Engineering from the University of Durham.

Alex Fenton

Alex is a research analyst in the broadcasting team, contributing to work on digital transitions in TV, including Netflix and cord-cutting trends.

Thomas Caldecott

Thomas Caldecott

Thomas is a senior research analyst working in the media team. He has contributed to projects examining the newspaper and consumer magazines industries. Thomas holds a BA in Politics from the University of Durham. 

Joseph Evans

Joseph Evans

Joseph is a research analyst in the media team. He has contributed to work on the press and digital media. He holds a BA in Philosophy and Theology from the University of Oxford.

Matti Littunen

Matti is a research analyst focusing on the digital media and technology sectors. He holds an MPhil in International Relations and Politics from Cambridge University and an MA in German and International Relations from St Andrews.

Tom Harrington

Tom is a research analyst in the broadcasting team, contributing to work on the UK and online markets. He holds degrees from the universities of Sydney and Cambridge.