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The pandemic accelerated the print revenue decline of consumer magazines in the UK, plunging 12% in 2020; less than half of 2020 industry revenues are due to print. Larger publishers and established titles (e.g. The Economist) will survive the UK’s journey through the pandemic whilst ecommerce, a growing revenue stream for publishers, booms under work-from-home

Publishers now distribute content across multiple channels and reader touchpoints, blurring the lines of what a magazine is today. A focus on the reader economy has finally emerged, enhancing other revenue streams for brands in the right verticals. Execution relies on investment in the tech stack

Future is the UK star, led by its ecommerce revenues from surfacing products and services to readers. This prime position has allowed it to build further scale and consolidate titles from TI Media and Dennis. Despite Future’s successes, there is no single industry playbook as heterogenous titles and portfolios forge their diversified, digital paths

Claire said a deal baked into an inflationary rise of 2.5pc a year “would be a very good day for the BBC, Richard Sharp and Tim Davie”, adding that it would be a £25bn deal.

She added “I think we are in some kind of suspense. And the simultaneous disappearance of Dowden and media minister John Whittingdale is not a good day for the BBC. Those two were very heavily involved in that negotiation."

Tom said “I think the fact that they have been umming and ahing about launching this channel, and had apparently recently decided that it wasn’t for them, is instructive as to how viable it could be. News is expensive and hard, and as GB News shows, the audience for an alternative viewpoint to the BBC, Sky, ITV etc is smaller than some think – basically it seems that more people like to read and talk about GB News than actually want to watch it.”

He added “There are obvious synergies for News UK, and opportunities to promote it across the print brands, and the talent onscreen could be attractive. But it will be a challenge to stand out against better funded and established operations – other than by skewing to a particular political direction, which of course then alienates a section of the audience.”

Julian said The players’ motivation is perhaps a little more calculating than that. “Twitch is the Generation Z platform. It skews very young, and quite male. It is quite a different audience to traditional broadcasters.” Llanos offers a precious route into that audience: His interview with Dybala, for example, attracted more than 100,000 live, largely teenage viewers.

He added “Twitch has much more of a community vibe. It’s much more interactive.” 

Tom said Persuading Broccoli to exploit the wider Bond IP seems to be Amazon’s best bet. "You could see James Bond TV on Amazon. You could have the exact same people from the movie in a 10-hour series, maybe following the adventures of Moneypenny. That would get greenlit and funded and help bring in a different audience, while keeping the main brand intact."


Judge Yvonne Gonzalez Rogers has handed Fortnite maker Epic a crushing defeat in its antitrust suit against Apple’s App Store policies. 

Apple is using settlements to preserve its model, though both it and Google are exposed to new legislation. 

Google still faces trial by Epic; its Android licensing agreements are its Achilles' heel. 

Francois said "Amazon has had a very pragmatic approach to [sports TV rights] and so far their spending has only been going in one direction, and that is up. Across countries they have been increasing their exposure and buying more important rights."

"Will [the US Open final] change their view in the UK market? No. Tennis works very well for Amazon, not because it triggers subscription sales for Tennis coverage, but because it is a big event that draws awareness of the broader Prime service so people will buy more products."

European mobile growth was essentially zero year-on-year—a significant improvement thanks to annualisation of the pandemic but there is little evidence of the reversal of its negative impacts.

Italy saw the biggest improvement in its underlying trend as the pandemic continued to suppress Iliad’s momentum, while elevated competitive tension in Spain and France ate into their annualisation boost.

Mobility and flight data suggests that Q3 will evidence a bigger boost from renewed travel than in Q2—positive for roaming revenues—but that the improvement in mobility will be weaker than in the June quarter.