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Climate change is again a core theme of this year’s Media and Telecoms 2023 & Beyond Conference, as it has been since 2021 when the UK hosted COP26.

Published in March 2023, the IPCC's Sixth Assessment Report points to alarming warming trends due to rising greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions. Echoing the messaging of COP26 and COP27, the IPCC implores signatories: “Emissions should be decreasing by now and will need to be cut by almost half by 2030, if warming is to be limited to 1.5°C.” With many governments stymied by short-term political exigencies, it is businesses and people that must harbour the ambition for net zero that our planet requires. 

This year’s report highlights the climate change initiatives of TMT companies to decarbonise operations, and their society-leading role towards the environment. Media businesses are mobilising their touchpoints with their audiences—from news, to magazines, to audio-visual productions such as films, TV programmes, games and advertising—to inform and win over hearts and minds in favour of climate action. Case studies of the Guardian, WPP, Ad Net Zero, Bertelsmann, Vivendi, Sky, BT Group, and Virgin Media O2 provide best practice learnings.

But Canal+ has not given up on Ligue 1: if the call for tenders fails, the group could negotiate over the counter. Or even, in the event of failure, continue to offer Ligue 1 but as a distributor, thanks to its contracts with the Qatari channel BeIN Sports and the British platform Dazn (pronounced “da zone” )“The contract with Dazn is a spare wheel for Canal+” , deciphers François Godard, of the Enders Analysis firm.

Top-flight French football still fetches far less revenue for its TV broadcast rights than other European leagues. “The Bundesliga and Serie A take 50 per cent more, La Liga almost twice as much and the Premier League almost three times,” wrote Enders Analysis in a recent note. “Ligue 1 wants to break with its recent history of failed tenders, declining revenues and soured relations with incumbent Canal+,” Enders added.

Murdoch has long opposed the BBC and ABC in Australia, but has failed to bring them down. He has invested heavily in journalism, including investigative reporting – the Times/Sunday Times recently broke the story of allegations on the conduct of Russell Brand, together with Channel 4’s Dispatches. We anticipate that Murdoch, soon to become chair emeritus of News Corp, will remain as attached as he has always been to the UK titles.

Claire and Alice Enders are the founder and director of research at Enders Analysis

Those investors may be reassured by Mr Murdoch’s more modest new title. In recent years analysts have come to speak of a “Murdoch discount” applied to Fox and News Corp. Mr Murdoch’s new title means that “his interface with the public markets is over,” says Claire Enders, a media analyst. “But it is obvious that he is the ultimate decision-maker as long as he is alive.”

“HBO is a niche channel that has been very successful as a premium add-on to basic cable packages,” says Tom Harrington at Enders Analysis. “It has quite a small amount of output and with a couple of very obvious exceptions viewing is generally small. That didn’t make it the best candidate to underpin a mass-market streamer. The Discovery content expands the audience for Max but counterintuitively pushes the amount they can charge down. This also indicates some sort of dilution of the perceptual value of HBO content which has been going on for a while. The previous owners and the current owners keep telling HBO it needs to make more programming, which makes quality control hard.”

Apple seems satisfied with its partnership with Canal + to distribute its content and its Apple TV+ platform. Google shows no interest. He is waiting to see the results of his YouTube channels for which he has acquired the rights to broadcast NFL matches in the United States. “As for Netflix, the growth potential lies more in the cessation of account sharing, its cheaper offer with advertising, even video games,” says François Godard, at Enders Analysis.