Claire said “Sky has always gone out of its way to back diversity so it’s fitting that a woman will now lead the company."

“Jeremy Darroch developed a clear and well-thought strategy at Sky…Dana is inheriting a great team and she’s ten years younger than Jeremy. The die is cast at Sky although I expect she will give more thought to Sky’s telecom activities. Dana is incredibly cool-headed, analytical and thoughtful. She is charismatic and embodies the qualities that are coming through in feminism 2.0."

Alice said “Everyone went to the Netherlands, where the regulator operates in the same way as the British Ofcom. The United Kingdom has not lost a lot of jobs, but these activities, which were previously included in its exports, are now missing."

She added "British producers have moved from a position where they had rights to a position where they no longer really have any. Not to mention that the arsenal available to the country in the event of a dispute is less complete than when it was a member of the EU: For example, the convention does not provide for any dispute settlement mechanism."

Claire said “Twelve minutes is substantial, but it can accommodate an awful lot of other choices in a country of 65 million people. We’ve also seen a resilience of Virgin Media and Sky… all of these companies have proven to be extraordinarily resilient and, in fact, lead with their technology solutions to complexity, which is very very important.”

She added “The broadcasters themselves are really largely now under the tent of Sky and Virgin Media in terms of [being] protected from actual technology risk. I think that we will see continued, very strong growth in the video-on-demand offerings of broadcasters.”

Sanchit said "If Amazon is able to create more subscription services into its flywheel, it's certainly good for the bottom line as well. It's recurring, sustainable revenue over a period of time."

He added “If you imagine Amazon in 20 years time, it's very possible that Amazon knows you are going to be in the house between these hours, [so] this is the optimal time to deliver your goods.”

Sanchit said "Amazon had a falling out with FedEx last year, preventing sellers from using FedEx fulfilment entirely, citing poor delivery performance. Although on the whole the relationship with external suppliers has been relatively harmonious, Amazon's all about vertically integrating its end to end process in order to focus on quality and upsell high margin services to its sellers."

"At a time when Delta and other carriers are offloading planes quickly, it's a great opportunity to expand their fleet on the cheap."