Tom said “It’s a difficult sell and poorly timed.The streaming market is plateauing and they don’t have a ready-made franchise to spin out like Disney had with Star Wars.”

“Households currently have an average of 2.6 pay subscription services. Most people have Netflix and then Amazon. It’s difficult to squeeze out one of those two, with household finances under pressure.”

Claire said issues like this may continue to crop up, given the technical limitations of ageing batteries.

"Technology in newer devices improves in leaps and bounds, not as a steady crawl, creating issues when releasing software updates which have to work on devices with often wildly different capabilities. Apple generates 84% of its revenue from selling new devices, making them reluctant to hold back updates to ensure older models keep working smoothly."

She added "Until problems of devices and software updates outlasting and exceeding the capabilities of aging batteries are resolved, this challenge will recur."

James said “The timing looks linked to Altice’s takeover restrictions lapsing in June, and this may be more a warning about further control being acquired than an objection to the 18 per cent stake per se."

“BT is highly sensitive in national security terms — it does work for a government that it is not allowed to talk about, as well as being crucial for network resilience. I would not expect the government to allow a full takeover or control to pass to a foreign investor.”