Tom said “Opening back up won’t affect the big streaming services like Netflix, Amazon and Disney Plus anywhere near as much as smaller services that command lower engagement levels."

“Churn for Netflix will likely be returning to pre-Covid levels but it will still be lower than everyone else, except Amazon, which of course is pretty insulated from any of this due to free shipping. It will be somewhat harder for the likes of Starzplay, Britbox, Discovery+ and HayU to get new subscribers, but they are all still benefiting now from subscribers that wouldn’t have come on board in 2020 but for Covid."

Francois said “Football television rights depend directly on competition from broadcasters. However, we are far from the effervescence of a few years ago when there were new players, such as the arrival of beIN, competition from SFR or more recently Mediapro in France. Certainly, some have high hopes for platforms like Amazon or DAZN. But for now, Amazon has had a cautious strategy with no crazy spending and DAZN, while being aggressive in Italy, has remained on reasonable prices."

He added "However, they cannot necessarily pay more, at least in the short term, given the fact that the market is relatively mature and that they are subject to competition from SVoD. Football can be happy if prices stagnate!"