Joseph said “[Tech companies] weren’t as far ahead as you might think with remote working before. They had that image, but expectations at these companies, particularly in head office, were the same as in other sectors – to be present in the office. The pandemic changed that, and unquestionably companies such as Facebook have embraced the change.”

He added “All the tech companies have gone on a back and forth journey regarding remote working. They are settling on the idea that it has worked better than hoped, but that fully distributed teams on a permanent basis isn’t an optimum situation."

Tom said "But one thing that's changed [since the Sorokin deal and since the pandemic] is that platforms can now create their own viral stories. With so many people watching, they can take a piece of programming, put it at the top of their platform, and make it a hit. Look at Tiger King, that guy had talked to loads of people before, but Netflix made it international, so everyone was talking about it at the same time."

Douglas said "Public policy processes that start by naming the companies always really worry me because this isn’t about Google and Facebook, it’s about search and social media distribution techniques.The problem is if you design something for Google, you’ve then got to design something else for the next business that comes along.”

He added “The question that’s been raised in Australia is very similar to a question that’s been raised in the UK. One of the points we made in the Cairncross Review was incredibly simple… which is that one of the things a democracy should do is make sure that there are incentives in place for quality news origination."