“It looks like the incentives [between website owners and search engines] are not aligned” explains Joseph Teasdale of Enders Analysis. Chatbots will deliver answers immediately, with no need to click through links. This is making firms like Google squirm. “Ultimately the economic model has to evolve,” Paolo Pescatore of PP Foresight said. What this changes to is anyone’s guess.



The National “is distributed in the Middle East and it is reflective of the dominant culture and narratives in its audience — as is the case of UK titles as well”, said Alice Enders, a UK media analyst. 

“The core principle of Middle East investors in media and other assets in the UK is to recycle the gusher of petrodollars to safe haven countries,” Enders said.

“The socially native strategy poses a definite commercial challenge, though engaging with platforms as your primary distribution channel is really interesting from an editorial perspective,” said Niamh Burns, a research analyst at Enders Analysis. “It takes seriously the challenges of present-day digital trends, including the shift to short-form video that is occurring across platforms, and the difficulties of reaching and engaging younger audiences.”

“The News Movement has built up a decent audience on TikTok from scratch and is producing really good content that fits that format better than lots of established publishers,” said Burns. “The question is: can this be more than an interesting editorial experiment?”

Analysts agree that this is a good opportunity for the UK broadcaster. “The future of the BBC at this point as an international player may be to strike deals with [streaming companies],” says Francois Godard, senior media and telecoms analyst at Enders Analysis, the media research firm. Platforms are, he continues, looking for “outside content, third party content, because they are cutting costs.”

Godard also noted the advantages for companies that have produced popular shows to partner with streaming media companies: “Disney has a capacity to leverage, to monetize brands that the BBC doesn't have.” But he added a caveat: “The only worry for me about the BBC is that they find themselves dependent on Disney. Dependent on Disney for the budget of new episodes … and the international brand of Doctor Who.”

Rupert’s standing-down manoeuvre looks like a strategic ploy to improve optics on Wall Street ahead of a $2.7bn Smartmatic defamation suit against Fox News, says Claire Enders, a media analyst. “I don’t think anything has changed about Mr Murdoch’s life. This was a market, stock-driven event.”

The deep-pocketed Marshall, a chief investor in GB News and founder of the opinion-based website UnHerd, is on a mission to influence British political debate. “Sir Paul Marshall will bid with his whole heart for the Telegraph,” says Enders. “He is really deeply interested in having an impact on conservatism.”

Tom Harrington, head of television at media consultants Enders Analysis, questioned whether the line-up would retain enough of Netflix’s early-adopters, who first signed up for The Crown and innovative award-winning series like House of Cards and Stranger Things.

Mr Harrington told i: “The Crown is limping a bit to the finish line in terms of critical resonance but its viewing remains very strong. The gap it leaves is an important one.”

He said Netflix should explore a Crown spin-off, in the way that the hit historical drama series Bridgerton spawned a prequel, Queen Charlotte.

This is a way to save money by “outsourcing moderation costs to users [allowing Musk to] avoid paying professional fact checkers by getting the punters to add context and vote” according to Joseph Teasdale.

However, overall Teasdale “likes” community notes. He told City A.M. notes are “a nice middle ground between doing nothing about false or misleading posts and simply removing them.”

He pointed out the “problems with a central platform applying content policies designed on the West coast of the USA to products that people all over the world rely on for information”. 

“I’m sure community notes are open to abuse, if enough users organise against  a given tweet or opinion,” Teasdale agreed.

Teasdale was more charitable to the platform, saying: “I can’t judge how community notes have fared recently, but I will say that when an event like the Israel/Gaza war occurs, there is no informational product that is going to go uncriticised.”