Alice said “Politico’s iceberg model enables mass reach supported by digital advertising, but with Pro at the core — niche, B2B and targeted at industry professionals. In 2018, Pro subscriptions globally accounted for half of the revenues, but 0.1% of users. Solid growth and a premium audience will be attractive to advertisers.” 

Tom said “While it’s definitely true that the Sussexes need Netflix more than Netflix need the Sussexes, the value of the couple’s brand is hugely useful to a service that has to launch new shows to a global audience of anywhere between half a billion to a billion. It’s very expensive to launch to that size audience. If you have a globally recognised face, it’s a whole lot easier."

He added “The Sussexes are a brand connected to an even bigger brand. Just like buying the Derby winner the week before the race, Netflix can buy them some documentaries, have them sit around chatting on camera for an afternoon and make efficient use of their time.”


Julian said “Although the trend is obviously shifting more and more online and particularly through social media channels, TV is still the most important source for people to consume their news.So from that perspective I suppose it makes sense that if you are looking to launch some sort of news provision you’re going to look at potentially using some sort of TV channel.”

He added “It’s regulated very carefully so that’s why people who still continue to watch news on TV – because they believe they are able to get an independent view. That isn’t to say different sources don’t have certain leanings…”