On the Ofcom report, Thomas said “It is important to note that Ofcom found in its research that audiences tended to base their perceptions of the BBC’s impartiality on what they think about the BBC more generally. The issue of impartiality will continue to be an ongoing challenge for the BBC but it is taking steps to tackle this through its recently published Action Plan, which incorporated elements of the Dyson and Serota reviews into editorial standards and culture. Ofcom is well aware of these measures and repeatedly referred to them in today’s report.”


Tom said “They’re earning quite serious money from Instagram from this deal,” he said. While these payouts would be small compared to Channel 4’s main revenue streams of digital video subscription and advertising revenue, the partnership can pay dividends when it comes to driving brand recognition. It works as a marketing exercise for Channel 4 as more young people see them and they go on the streaming service."

Francois said "My worry is that at some point demand collapses. The risk of a sudden dramatic drop is huge if you weaken the main product (the national leagues)"

He added "If you change to this new model with a World Cup every two year and games have to be moved from the weekend to midweek and you have a shorter overall season and some players might not be available at some point, you weaken your core product."

Alice said “If DMGT attempted to buy the Telegraph it would definitely trigger competition and media plurality investigations, but that wouldn’t necessarily mean it would be blocked. With the long-term structural decline of the newspaper market, whether a deal should be blocked is not as clearcut as it used to be.”

She added “I can’t see them looking to buy the Telegraph in the short term. But strategically, in the medium term, given the market, I could see it happening.”

Claire said “There’s a lot of overlap. The impetus to put together MailOnline with the main titles is driven by costs. It has to be done.”

She added “These types of assets have been systemically condemned by the City, which is never going to get this story again. It’s better off being privately managed. He’s doing what’s necessary now, which is to put these titles on a sensible footing as cash flow machines for his family.”