Launch of 'The Multibank'

16 November 2023

Baroness Scotland, Secretary-General of the Commonwealth of Nations, introduced the Multibank event at Malborough House on 16 November 2023. The Rt Hon Gordon Brown was joined by Amazon, Comic Relief, The Brick and Accrol to make an urgent plea to big business, philanthropists and local UK charities to support the expansion of the “multibank” initiative, which gets essentials to families in need.

Speaking at Marlborough House, the headquarters of the Commonwealth, Mr Brown invited socially conscious businesses to join a ‘coalition of compassion’ and donate surplus essential goods and money to accelerate the national rollout of the multibank platform.

Mr Brown said the UK was facing a winter of crisis with poverty in Britain on a scale he “never thought we’d see again”.

Baroness Scotland - Welcome

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NSPCC evening reception 2023 co-hosted with ITV

5 October 2023

We were proud to partner with ITV Studios raising awareness and funds for child protection and the NSPCC celebrating the important work of the NSPCC Childline service while discussing issues affecting young people today.  

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Childline Sports Day 2023

9 June 2023

We are proud to have taken part in the Childline Sports Day on 9 June 2023. 

We fielded a truly brilliant team for the NSPCC event and we won the hardest event which is putting up a tent completely blindfolded; a metaphor for all our brilliant work as a team over the years. We see through the darkness and shed a light together.

Media and Telecoms 2023 & Beyond conference

18 May 2023
Lucy Frazer

The conference saw long-standing collaboration between Enders Analysis and Deloitte. Together we gathered some of the biggest names within the Media & Telecoms industries and this year was no exception. As we entered our 11th year, this established conference continued to be one of the ‘must-attend’ events for over 500 senior executives in these industries.

For 2023, we were excited to bring innovative, exciting and thought-provoking sessions and the videos will be available soon via our conference website

Sessions included:

  • The virtual stadium: The future of digital experiences
  • Where to now for the streamers?
  • Harnessing AI for good
  • Business leadership on net zero
  • Brand building in the digital world
  • Public Service Broadcasting - What does it mean for you? 
  • News: from sustainability to renewed growth
  • The way forward for UK telecoms - consolidation, convergence and fibre?
  • Regulating the things we love



Regulating the things we love: Dame Melanie Dawes, Ofcom
Business leadership on net zero panel

NSPCC evening reception 2022 co-hosted with Sky

28 September 2022

We were proud to partner with Sky to raise awareness and support for the NSPCC celebrating the important work of the NSPCC Childline service while discussing issues affecting young people today.  The continuous support the industry offers was evident in the number of conversations with senior leaders in Technology, Media, and Telecoms offering lending time and expertise to help the NSPCC achieve their goals.

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