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Openreach's new FTTP discount plan is focused purely on higher speed price discounts in return for accelerated adoption, with no further elements to disadvantage altnet new entrants.

The price discounts are, however, very aggressive and get more so over time, and allow Openreach CPs to undercut Virgin Media and retail altnets on gigabit pricing while still making strong margins.

The extra discounts do limit an upside for Openreach, but they should also stimulate FTTP take-up, promote market share gain from Virgin Media and altnets, and discourage further competitive build.

Jamie said "News programmes are subject to more stringent rules than other genres, making it harder to monetise."They therefore deliver fewer commercial impacts than would be expected for their share of commercial viewing."

He added "Revenues are further impacted because advertisers are, by and large, unlikely to request to advertise specifically around news programming, while others would actively avoid it."

Karen said said EE’s move had been “somewhat inevitable” given UK operators had faced a “significant” financial impact from free EU roaming.

“Free mobile roaming in the EU for all mobile customers is not commercially logical." She added that since the bloc’s “regulatory intervention disappeared with Brexit, operators . . . have been somewhat reluctant to be the operator who takes that first step given the potential negative press involved.”