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Rigorous Fearless Independent

Overall radio listening remains robust and continues to make up the majority of audio time, however a worrying decline in both reach and hours amongst younger people makes further innovation necessary

Shifting audio distribution trends driven by digital and IP listening, as well as the increasing influence of smart speakers and connected devices, represent significant challenges for the radio industry going forward

Strong collaboration and regulatory support will be needed to reconnect with elusive younger listeners, prevent US tech companies from becoming de-facto gatekeepers, and preserve the public value at the core of the UK radio industry

Alice said “If DMGT attempted to buy the Telegraph it would definitely trigger competition and media plurality investigations, but that wouldn’t necessarily mean it would be blocked. With the long-term structural decline of the newspaper market, whether a deal should be blocked is not as clearcut as it used to be.”

She added “I can’t see them looking to buy the Telegraph in the short term. But strategically, in the medium term, given the market, I could see it happening.”

Claire said “There’s a lot of overlap. The impetus to put together MailOnline with the main titles is driven by costs. It has to be done.”

She added “These types of assets have been systemically condemned by the City, which is never going to get this story again. It’s better off being privately managed. He’s doing what’s necessary now, which is to put these titles on a sensible footing as cash flow machines for his family.”