James said there will come a point when the fixed cost of satellite deployment outweighs the income from customers, but that was still “many years away”.

“There is a good example in Spain where Telefonica – the BT of Spain – had an IPTV service. It merged with Canal Plus’s Spanish satellite TV service in 2015. It brought across all the content and immediately shifted the focus to IPTV. After they merged it was about 37pc satellite. But five years later, satellite still has an 11pc share with around 400,000 customers.”

"Certainly the fault is with Telecom Italia,” says François, who thinks that the streaming snags are solvable in the long run.

“It’s just that [at present] it doesn’t look good, commercial wise marketing wise,” Godard adds, noting that “when you have technology problems, people don’t rush to buy your product.”

As well as presenting quality entertainment, it’s in the BBC’s remit to expose its audience to a broad range of content. “If personalisation or recommendations are making people's access to any content difficult,” says Tom Harrington ”and therefore [limiting their exposure to] new ideas, programmes that are socially important ... the BBC is failing at one of its core jobs.”

Claire said a deal baked into an inflationary rise of 2.5pc a year “would be a very good day for the BBC, Richard Sharp and Tim Davie”, adding that it would be a £25bn deal.

She added “I think we are in some kind of suspense. And the simultaneous disappearance of Dowden and media minister John Whittingdale is not a good day for the BBC. Those two were very heavily involved in that negotiation."

Tom said “I think the fact that they have been umming and ahing about launching this channel, and had apparently recently decided that it wasn’t for them, is instructive as to how viable it could be. News is expensive and hard, and as GB News shows, the audience for an alternative viewpoint to the BBC, Sky, ITV etc is smaller than some think – basically it seems that more people like to read and talk about GB News than actually want to watch it.”

He added “There are obvious synergies for News UK, and opportunities to promote it across the print brands, and the talent onscreen could be attractive. But it will be a challenge to stand out against better funded and established operations – other than by skewing to a particular political direction, which of course then alienates a section of the audience.”