Tom said “Assuming that Netflix gave free subs to the elderly out of the kindness of its own heart, rather than receive some sort of incentive, there would be certain costs that it would incur,” he says. “If this initiative was in some way backed by the government, it would drastically reduce the ‘support costs’ and make it even more efficient.”

He added however that if “considered a marketing expense,” it might make some sense as Netflix are “aggressively trying to expand their user base beyond those who are ready adopters."

Claire said she thought that while TV advertising could suffer a 15-20% decline, a hit of that size to the overall market was unlikely due to the strength of digital, which she expected to remain in growth. "There’s no doubt that a fundamental change in consumption lasting several years is perfectly feasible."

But she added that she expected "emergency measures to be put into action very swiftly" by the government to support failing industries, meaning the economy could avoid a devastating recession.

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James said that the SRN has now achieved the bulk of the hard work. "There is no reason to believe that the target won't be achieved by the 2025 deadline. The biggest barrier is getting operators to agree, especially on fees and network planning, and the level of detail in the deal shows that this has happened."

He added, "What the 95% target means is that 95% of the land area of the country will have coverage from at least one mobile operator. The geographical measure is a bit of an arbitrary one, because there are a lot of areas where people don't roam or go to. It might have been better to target areas where people actually live and travel to, like roads or homes."

Jamie said Spitting Image could be an “effective first commission” given Britbox’s budget constraints compared to rivals such as Netflix.

”A classic revival boosts general awareness of the service and fits with its archive offering. But you have to question whether it can have the same impact on a specialist subscription video on-demand service as it had when 15m were watching on ITV in the 80s.”

Can said “AllAdvantage was actually the precursor to spyware and adware… Its plug-in would just track everything you did." This created a rich pool of data on its users, which advertisers could tap into for targeted marketing — all this at a time when the idea of advertisers tracking people’s movements online was relatively new. "That was AllAdvantage’s advantage, if you will, that they brought something extra."

He added “For advertisers, [partnering with Gener8] is just not the most efficient way of reaching a large number of people. If you have scale, that’s different, but they don’t have scale.”