Joseph said "It's hard to make money when you get all your content from a small group of powerful suppliers.Podcasts are content that Spotify can own or deal with lots of small providers to get so it's in a more powerful negotiating position."

He added "The DC character roster is really strong IP, so there's a readymade audience.Fiction podcasts have had a bit of a renaissance, so the timing looks good.

"If Spotify doesn't get it, someone else will. And Spotify is gunning to be the number-one podcast platform, even if it costs a lot of cash."

Jamie said “People of all ages are increasingly sharing and discovering news content on social media. Young people are particularly exposed as they are much less likely to get their news from traditional media like the TV news bulletins, which are subject to strict guidelines around impartiality, accuracy, and fairness.

He added that “The flip side is that without social media, some people might never read any news content. What is needed is a levelling up of standards. The online platforms must ensure they have adequate safeguards against the spread of fake news and extreme content to protect all users.”    

Douglas said “The implication of the question is that there’s a moment where everyone thinks: ‘Now is the moment it all feels normal again.I don’t think we’re ever really going to have quite that moment.”

He said newspaper offices may take a very long time to return to anything “even resembling normal” as newsrooms have shown they can operate with hardly anyone actually sitting in the office building. “Offices will shrink and not all staff will be expected to be at their desk five days a week,” he predicted. “I think a new system of working will start to play out and so we’re not going to return to the industry quite as it was.”

James said "For 5G, US carriers are using Nokia, Ericsson and Samsung." For good reason – Nokia and Ericsson’s research and development has been largely focused around the US. “If the US suppliers can’t sell in their domestic markets, that does raise some questions.”

Yet, things could be about to change. The US has become acutely aware of the gap it has left, one which in other countries has been filled by Huawei. “Developing trusted 5G solutions”, it seems, is now a major ambition of the Trump presidency. Already, the cogs are in motion.