3G Infrastructure

20 July 2010

Europolitan, Vodafone's Swedish affiliate, has just announced that its expected costs to build a 3G network will be 10bn Swedish Kroner, or about 1bn Euros.

How will this happen? XP contains hooks that link it closely to Microsoft Passport and Microsoft Messenger. These two applications are the gateway into .NET. Passport provides the central storage for user details (no more tedious entry of personal data into web forms), Messenger offers a broad set of 'unified messaging' functions. One example struck as particularly powerful; XP users can automatically see which of their list of 'buddies' is online and can contact them via instant messaging. If this isn't a direct threat to AOL, we don't know what is. (These functions have been separately available for some time, but making them an integral part of the operating system will hugely expand their use).



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