European Telecoms Incumbents

20 July 2010

In our recent report on the prospects for BT, we looked at the pressures on the company resulting from declining prices, static call volumes and increased competition from mobile.

In France, mass marketing by France Télécom and Wanadoo, lack of availability of unmetered, and ubiquitous self-installation have allowed DSL to increase its market share from circa 40% in mid-2001 to an estimated 70% by end 2001 (300,000 DSL connections plus). We expect cable operators’ market share of the broadband market to continue to decline to circa 15% by 2005. We assume that the current European Commission investigation into Wanadoo’s DSL pricing will lead to maintenance of current prices (circa €45/month) through 2003. In our opinion, lack of sustained price declines to €30/month or less will limit the French broadband market to 2.5 million connections by 2005 (25% penetration of Internet households).

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