Online media services report (Ofcom PSB review)

16 December 2014

Ofcom released its third review of public service broadcasting on 15 December, focusing on "Public Service Content in a Connected Society". Enders Analysis assessed how online media services contributed to the provision of public service content over the course of the review period (2008-2013). This report represents a summary and key themes of our findings.

Relevant media content is now available over the internet from a huge number of sources. As well as affecting how media content is distributed and consumed, the internet is changing the nature of content available and funding models.

In a few genres, the internet is now ahead of traditional broadcasting, notably those in which interactivity is a major enhancement, such as music and education. In news and current affairs, online services often match television’s output, arguably providing more breadth and depth, though accuracy and impartiality are less assured.

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