20 July 2010

Call it the Personal Video Recorder (PVR), the Digital Video Recorder (DVR), the Digital Television Recorder (DTR), or just Armageddon brought to Madison Avenue, this machine excited curiosity and angst from the very beginning due to its destructive potential for ad avoidance. That was at the end of the last millennium, since when the TV advertising industry has learned to take a more relaxed view. Early take-up was much slower than the forecasts had suggested, and once it became possible to measure PVR use electronically, there appeared to be more live viewing and less fast-forwarding through commercials than early market research interviews of PVR owners had suggested. But, it is also clear that the PVR is changing viewing habits over time and take-up in the UK is at last starting to rocket. This report examines current market trends and the impact of the PVR on viewing habits. It also updates our forecasts from April 2006




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