UK broadband, telephony and pay TV trends Q1 2016 - Slowing start to the year

6 June 2016

UK residential communications market revenue growth dipped down 2ppts to 4% in Q1 2016, due in roughly equal measure to slowing broadband growth, some one-off benefits in the previous quarter dropping out, and generally weak ARPU likely caused by promotional introductory price discounting

Virgin Media was the only major operator to buck the market trend and accelerate broadband growth, helped by its network extension Project Lightning, and this impact will grow throughout 2016, with the remaining operators squeezed between this and the slowing market

Growth in the rest of the year will be impacted by pricing decisions yet to be made, and slowing volumes could well drive market revenue growth below 4% during the year, but we do not expect it to drop very much below this

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