UK Classified Advertising Annual Report: Part One- Overview and Recruitment

14 September 2010

Classifieds generated £5 billion in 2009, down 13.3% on 2008, accounting for one-third of UK advertising spend

The migration of classifieds from print media to online media accelerated during the recession, with no prospect of a ‘bounce back’ -recruitment has fallen 65% from its peak of £1.5 billion in 2004 to (our estimates) about £649 million in 2009 and down to £538 million in 2010

Key players do not charge on a performance basis, so online and print media retain similar charging models

Digital revenues on a like-for-like basis are discounted by 60-70% of print, with online players offering services, such as display for branding purposes or web marketing to SMEs, to add to core advertising income

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