Web3 Games: Freedom from the walled garden

4 September 2023

Web3-enabled games represent a radical transformation for all elements of the gamer ecosystem: gamer, developer, publisher and platform. Through blockchain technologies, and the development of a digital asset economy, gamers will benefit from true ownership and investment in games—driving new network effects and growth

Web3 gaming is unlikely to have a ‘big bang’ moment dependent on a new device or hardware. Instead, we expect organic growth, with a positive ramp due to ongoing investment in the space. Great games are a necessary condition of success

Complexity and platform barriers shouldn’t be underestimated. Web3 will require imaginative design solutions along with new tools and service providers to smooth the limitations related to blockchain decentralisation, and the sector should decouple from the turbulent cryptocurrency space

Prepared for The Metaverse Society by Enders Analysis

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