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Apple seems satisfied with its partnership with Canal + to distribute its content and its Apple TV+ platform. Google shows no interest. He is waiting to see the results of his YouTube channels for which he has acquired the rights to broadcast NFL matches in the United States. “As for Netflix, the growth potential lies more in the cessation of account sharing, its cheaper offer with advertising, even video games,” says François Godard, at Enders Analysis.

Gareth Sutcliffe, senior games analyst at Enders Analysis, pointed out that it will bring Activision's studio solely for mobile games in-house for Microsoft.

"It's ultimately about covering all games imaginable with one subscription. Microsoft can now cover every different platform - mobile, consoles and PC.

"It's all about the transfer of knowledge [from Activision's team]," he added, while Microsoft will hope Activision continues the successes of its games like Candy Crush.

Gill Hind, director of TV at Enders Analysis, said the audiences for unregulated channels were tiny compared to linear TV but were growing.

She said it was right for Ofcom to consider how to regulate these channels but that there could be challenges depending on who owned them.

"If it is existing broadcasters then this is relatively simple, but it is so easy to launch a new service - what if it were a news channel launched by a company with little interest in impartial news?" she said.

Announcing the plans at a Royal Television Society conference in Cambridge, Culture Secretary Lucy Frazer said: "We recognise that internet provided TV is growing.

"But while this shift is an exciting one, it's our job to look at those channels that fall outside our existing regulations."