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Observers consider the course to be consistent. "Chapek has done everything right in business, you can't fault him for anything," says François Godard of British consulting firm Enders Analysis. Predecessor Iger bought valuable companies such as Lucasfilm, Pixar, Marvel and the entertainment division from Rupert Murdoch's empire, but spent a lot of money on them. The Murdoch deal alone cost $71 billion. "Chapek now has to show that he can consistently make money," said Godard. It is clear that this does not suit some fans. In public, however, the Disney boss was "treated quite unfairly."

Douglas said “The era of scale, volume, and traffic as the core business model for journalism has passed. About 2 million new digital subscriptions for journalism were created during the pandemic in the U.K. alone. As publishers focus down on distinctive content that people will pay for, they are also designing new bundles and clearer use-cases and benefits for people. Online rewards different provisions from general print media.”

Joseph said that although gaming had an “explosion” during the various lockdowns, there is still a huge amount of untapped growth ahead of it: PwC reckons the global gaming industry will be worth $321 billion by 2026.

He told City A.M. that the industry has become a lot more “device agnostic”, with intellectual property (IP) for franchises becoming the new prized asset.“The business model has shifted away from products and widgets, like your standard Xbox or Playstation, and more towards subscription models, where you can pay £50 and have access to a whole range of live service games and franchises."

Russia’s weaponisation of gas exports to the EU and resulting Continent-wide energy supply crisis also impacts the UK via rising prices on the wholesale market for this commodity

The UK’s imported gas supplies are mainly from the wellhead in Norway and look to be secure from interruption, despite higher demand from EU Member States

The UK is implementing a vast two-year subsidy programme worth c.£150 billion to cushion households and blunt the advance of recession

European mobile service revenue growth increased by 1ppt to +1.6% this quarter, with this improvement largely driven by higher-than-inflation price increases in the UK.

The outlook for Q3 is mixed with an increased roaming boost expected, but the B2B sector will remain challenging and the impact of the rollout of out-of-contract notifications in EU countries will mount.

There are signs of some upward pricing movement beyond the UK, particularly in Spain as the operators seek to cushion the blow of rising costs and inevitable economic pressure.

Apple's announcement that the iPhone 14 will be eSIM-only in the US paves the way for it to ultimately enter the market for mobile services there, although that will require the co-operation of at least one mobile operator.

This should be a red flag for UK operators who have been obliged to facilitate a form of eSIMs already and are likely to be obliged to go a few steps further in the coming years.

Policymakers need to think very carefully about the pros and cons of such a move by Apple—the industry cannot afford to give Apple a slice of its much-called-upon pie.

“The BBC is an extraordinary story of long-term survival” , enthuses Claire Enders, at the head of Enders Analysis, a media research company. This ardent defender of the public audiovisual group, high priestess of media analysis across the Channel, believes that the Corporation is a pillar of democracy, with international repercussions. “Across the world, three-quarters of people don't have access to a free press. The world relies on a very small number of public services, including the BBC."