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Soccer fans will be converted into online shopping enthusiasts, as is the case with all things Amazon. Amazon demonstrated savvy in getting the rights on the cheap, according to Francois Godard, an analyst at Enders Analysis, but it still needs to show it can exploit them to considerably expand its e-commerce business footprint.

Alice said “There is a lesson to be learned by Future’s success: there is still significant revenue to be driven by publishers."

“It is the death of the print magazine in that structurally there has been a consumption shift, but it is not the death of what a magazine is at its core, that’s content. The future is a diversified model and revenue mix, that is what Future has done strongly.”

Claire believes that Crozier and Jansen are cut from a similar cloth and should make a strong team.

“I think their management and personality styles are actually very similar and are along the same lines. They are very smooth, calm, process-driven. With only three years’ age difference I think they will get on very well. Adam has dealt with a panoply of stakeholders similar to BT – Ofcom, government, pension fund trustees – he has a lot of familiarity with complexity and is seasoned in terms of crises.”

After China updated its Anti-Monopoly Law to cover platform companies, the Government is bringing to heel privately owned ‘national champions’, including via antitrust measures in their home market—the key source of their astronomical cash flow—and through interference in their expansion outside China

China lacks any tradition of anti-monopoly activity, given its gradual shift to the market from state-owned enterprises, it offers an example of theory in practice for antitrust reformers targeting platforms in the West

The global implications are huge: up to $2 trillion of Wall Street shares are exposed as China tightens controls on foreign IPOs. Regulators could also use enhanced antitrust powers to disrupt global dealmaking for economic leverage

Market revenue growth bounced back to 4% in Q2, the first positive growth for the sector since 2019 .

Most of the improvement was however temporary sports channel bounceback, with underlying growth still negative.

Prospects are nonetheless healthy, with price increases now regular, backbook pressure annualising out, and ultrafast boosts growing.